Step One: Social Media Objectives

//Step One: Social Media Objectives
Step One: Social Media Objectives 2020-12-12T17:41:27+00:00

In this, the first of a series of social media strategy advice articles, we take a look at the number one question that needs to be answered before embarking on a social media journey for your business:. What are your social media objectives and how does it fit with your business? 

What Needs to be Achieved from Your Social Media Efforts? 

Do you want to increase brand awareness, reach a larger audience, create additional sales channels or create a community? For different businesses, the goal of social media will differ, but essentially it’s all a part of the bigger picture. 

Social Media Strategy – The Bigger Picture

You won’t grow your business on social media alone. It’s a rather common misconception that businesses start posting on social media and expect their sales to increase, their leads to improve, for people to start interacting with the content… The reality is that it takes time, patience and effort to make it really work. It shouldn’t constitute your sole marketing efforts either. 

A Complete Marketing Solution

A good marketing strategy can include a whole plethora of digital elements – a website, traffic to that website, email marketing where required, social media platforms, text messaging. All of these things in isolation don’t provide an effective solution to the marketing of a successful company. It’s a combination of all of these digital facets that will provide the best outcome. 

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Let’s say you have a website. How are you going to get traffic to that website? Google PPC, posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, social media ads, your email communications. Where will that content come from? A blog then becomes an effective answer to this question. Content is worth so much for so many reasons. A content strategy is then a good idea so that you have a plan of what to post and when but let’s not go off down that particular rabbit hole just yet. 

An Important Piece in the Puzzle

Social media is not the only part of your overall marketing strategy but it is an important part of it. For a start, getting started doesn’t require huge amounts of cash or time. It’s free to set up a Facebook page, it’s free to create a Twitter page, in fact, all of these initial steps are easily accessible to all businesses from start ups to larger corporations. OK, so dedicating enough time and resource to the process may present its own challenges but there is plenty of help out there. From a consultative to help you identify what you need and how you will achieve it to managing your social media for you, there are experts that can help. The important first step is to identify how it will fit with your online marketing.

Start with Social Media Objectives

Before identifying where you should be focusing your efforts, what you should be posting and when, for now, let’s just focus on your initial plan. What is the goal of your social media efforts? What do you want to achieve and why? Many businesses know that social media can help their business, they just don’t know or understand how. Get out a pen and paper, start typing in your notes and make a list of the desired social media objectives for your business.

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