Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

//Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

As we head into a new year, we set ourselves all sorts of business goals. We start out with good intentions. We will post regularly on social media, we will make sure we get back into our Instagram account and make regular posts… After a while, we get ensconced in the day to day running of our businesses again and all those ambitions takes a back seat. So, why not make a pledge this year and a concerted effort to start social media scheduling. That’s right, whichever platform you use as your main communication tool whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, there is a way to schedule posts. We are going to look at how you can do this successfully and save yourself a lot of time.

Social Media Scheduling Software

There are lots of great social media scheduling tools that can help you to create great content and schedule it. If you want an easy way to manage and schedule your content then look no further than Sprout Social. Not only can you use the scheduling software to create and schedule your posts, you can also get a wealth of insights and advice on what and when to post. We aren’t making it up when we say we have used Sprout Social countless times to work out the best times of day to post, the best platforms and a whole host of other information.

In addition to creating and scheduling your posts, you can also use the social listening tools to hear what your customers are saying and engage with them. Discover which of your campaigns are working in real time both from your laptop or on the move. Use the Sprout Social app to stay up to date with your social media activities. Using the free trial, get to grips with the platform and discover just how much help this useful social media tool can be to your business before committing to one of their 3 business packages. Now your social media is taken care of while you get on with what you do best.

Other Scheduling Tools

There are lots of other scheduling tools int he marketplace that you might like. We just love Sprout Social because it has so many features that suite the needs of our customers. It has always offered us what we were looking for but if were to recommend any others, Hootsuite and Buffer are both reputable alternatives. Spend some time researching for yourself and find what works for you. Often, these companies offer free trials so that you can get used to it and make sure it offers what you are looking for before you buy.

Facebook’s Scheduling Tool

If you just operate on Facebook, you can actually use the Creator Studio on your desktop or you can schedule posts from your app. Of course, this is restrictive when it comes to other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn so it’s not a one size fits all solution. It’s always good if you want to get something out on Facebook quickly though.

Scheduling Your Social Media Content

Deciding on which tools to use is one thing, next you need to decide how much content you will schedule in advance. It’s not always wise to post too far ahead as times can change. You may want topical content, your business may change, seasonal trends may be affected by the unpredictable weather etc. You can’t always predict too far ahead. We tend to schedule up the absolute content for a month or so ahead and take it a week at a time with the day to day stuff. You will find a pattern that works for you.

While social media scheduling will save you lots of time, you still have to put some time aside to actually sit and do it at regular intervals. We recommend delegating it to a team member or carving out a couple of hours that you can dedicate to finding and scheduling relevant content. Remember to use your content to educate, inform, entertain and add value to your customers.


Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links which may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you. The products we recommend are either those that we’ve used or that our fellow runners have used.

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