Blog writing for business is a critical element of any marketing strategy so stop what you are doing and give this a read.

Blog writing for business is not easy

For many it’s not easy to blog, it’s even harder to make sure you are blog writing for business consistently. If you want to do it yourself you have to make sure you put aside time to write your blog. Trust me even I find it a struggle and it’s my business! Generally my blogs get written on a Saturday with a cup of tea when I’m not working on deadlines and projects for my clients. It’s such an important factor and something I am always preaching about to my clients yet I get why many don’t do it. So let’s look at how you can set aside time to do it or find a solution if you just can’t find the time.

Schedule time to work on your blog

Your diary is full of appointments right? Customer visits, meetings, installations, projects etc. Well set aside time and make an appointment to work on your business. Calendar a two hour slot when you can sit and write some blogs. Don’t cancel it! Working on your business rather than “in your business” is critical. Firefighting and just working on today’s tasks won’t grow your business! Be disciplined.

Blog writing for business

Write a batch and schedule them

If you have a WordPress blog then you can write a few blogs and schedule them to go out weekly. If you don’t think you could sit down and produce 4 or 5 blogs on demand then start by writing a list of possible titles. Let’s say you are an accountant for example. There are lots of topics you can cover – self-assessment, VAT, Corporation Tax, wealth and capital gains etc. I find it useful to start with the terms that people might type into Google if looking for your services. Then use them as your titles. If you are building the blogs yourself in WordPress then make sure you add a plug-in called Yoast to optimise them for the keyword or phrase that you are blogging about.

Hire a professional experienced in blog writing for business

Why not? If you can’t find the time then there are lots of highly skilled content writers that are experienced at blog writing for business. A good content writer will maximise both the engagement and SEO aspects of your blog. Some people use popular freelancing sites to find professionals although if you are reading this then you don’t need to look any further (shameless plug time). You can start with a test piece to make sure that the professional content writer produces the sort of work that you are happy to publish. Once you have found a good content writer then you can commission them to write more.

However you choose to add content to your blog it is important that you do it regularly. Blog writing for business is crucial. Not only does it build your brand and your own authority in your field it also gives you fresh content to share on your social media pages and Google loves a regularly updated blog. If you need help or advice or someone to produce your blogs then get in touch. We would be delighted to help.