When you’re managing a content and social media agency with close to a hundred client profiles across the social media spectrum, it’s important to use the right tools for the job. Here are those software programmes that we cannot do without that help us manage our business on the move 

Canva – a Social Media Agency Dream

Until recently Canva was something we used when we needed a transparent png overlaid onto a picture for a client. Little did we know just how valuable it would become or what an answer it would be to some of the challenges faced by our growing social media agency.

As we grew, we considered looking for a graphic designer to join our team however, we already had someone that did ad-hoc work when required and we didn’t want to commit ourselves to one specific designer. We started using a freelancer to do piece work for us designing a certain amount of posts at a time however, this soon became unsustainable and we couldn’t get anything done on the hoof. It’s very common for a client to ask us to put something together at the 11th hour and we just didn’t have the flexibility to turn it around that quickly. Then one day, we were doing something in Canva and spent some time learning just how much it could do. Now we are converts.

Canva is now a tool that we use to create at least two posts per client per week. It’s a social media agency dream and costs us £10.99 per month. The only additional expense we had was to buy a font pack. For us, Instagram is a growing medium and can be somewhat of a kerfuffle when you can’t share links, stories, articles, blogs products etc. Instead, using Canva, we can create graphics, product pics that we can tag via Instagram shop, review posts, simple water,raked I,ages and more.

We’ve also used to size our blog Images. You see in addition to the social media aspect of our business, we also offer a content management service producing many blogs for our clients on a monthly basis.

This leads us on to our next tool… Yoast

All hail Yoast and amazing capabilities to manage the optimisation of blogs. For anyone with a WordPress site, this handy plug in means you can stay one step ahead with optimisation and ensure that your content is search engine friendly.

We love the traffic light system and the fact that it scores the content Both on readability and optimisation. It means that you can produce an articulate well optimised blog or piece of content that is just what the search engines and the readers are looking for.


A hobby project of ours is our affiliate marketing websites. We love affiliate marketing and only recommend the best sites and products. It’s more of a hobby than a business and initially was undertaken to get a better grasp of how the affiliate world worked. It’s a slow burn but it’s worth it in the long run.

Anyway, we digress. While building our own sites, we found blue host to be a fantastic tool for offering you the option to create and host your own WordPress website using a fully managed service. It’s great for those that have some digital/tech experience that want a relatively straightforward website.


My team have been using Hootsuite for six years now and find it a really hand scheduling tool both from the app and the desktop version. It’s been really good for us up until now but be warned… their recent price hike means that it isn’t the cheapest or most cost effective option available.

We feel that sometime in the near future, others may explore alternatives such as Buffer. It’s also got stuff competition from Meta who allow you to schedule both Facebook page and group posts plus Instagram posts straight from your phone. 


With a Canva Pro subscription, I do save a lot of money on shutterstock subscriptions as I can use my designs on social media profiles as per the terms of the licensing however, sometimes a specific blog calls for something that I may not be able to find. This is when I turn to shutterstock and use a monthly license to ensure that I always have access to those specific images that are required for a certain scenario. 

Granted, it’s not cheap but it’s handy  to have and makes you more valuable, to your clients when they don’t have to worry about providing images for their campaigns and blog content.

Now all we need is a tool that will replicate is three times over so that we can service more clients and clock off a little earlier.