In December 2020, I created a blog/website for my passion which is trail running. It was an experiment. For a long time, I had wanted to understand more about blogging, how it worked, how to get traffic to my blog and how to monetise that traffic. I had seen affiliate marketing and display advertising talked about everywhere and had very little knowledge about it or how it worked. I knew how to build a website and I was confident about producing the content, I just needed to decide what the website/blog was going to be.

While out on a long run with my training partner and fellow running coach one Sunday, I suddenly announced I was going to create a website about our love of the sport. So, I got home, had a shower and got my laptop out. I didn’t put it down until 10.30pm that night but by the end of it I had the beginnings of my website. Calling in a favour from my web designer friend, she very kindly gave it the once over and I was set. Except – I had no content, I had no traffic, I just had a head full of ideas and a real excitement to get started.

What Did I Want the Blog to Do?

More than just a trail running blog, I wanted some structure and substance to the site. As a coach, I wanted to share all the knowledge and experience in a way that would make sense to fellow runners. We had so much knowledge to share that this would be a hub of structured information  containing everything we had ever wanted to know in our early days of running.

I didn’t just want to write about running in general. I wanted it to be specific to the niche of trail running. This was the first task ticked off the list – deciding on a niche for my blog and the purpose of the website.

Creating Content for a Blog

Next I needed content but not just content that I could stick affiliate links in and hope to make money from. I needed genuine content that would answer the questions that people were asking:

  • How do I get faster?
  • How do I get stronger?
  • What makes a good trial runner?
  • How do I train for an ultra marathon?
  • What race nutrition do I need?
  • What are the best trail running shoes?

I could go on with a list of questions that we could turn into effective blogs but after 6 months of hard graft, I have now answered these questions and more with over 50 blogs and 25 pages of content.