Reviews and feedback

Customers are looking for brands they can trust. They turn to social media for the recommendation of their friends and to see what other people are saying about a brand. How many times have you seen someone asking for a local recommendation for a product or service on your Facebook news feed? When researching businesses, a Facebook page is one of the first thing that people will look for, they will then look to see how many good (or bad) reviews that business has.

customer trust

User generated content

You can spend hours curating content for your feeds and trying to get smart about what you post but the most valuable content is that which comes from your customers. Tags on your Instagram feed of makeup, nails, hair cuts, kitchen transformations, their new piece of jewellery and that new dress are among just a few of the things that people will post and share with their followers. Encouraging customers to post their selfies or their images either on your Facebook wall or with tags on Instagram or Twitter, is a great way to build this content.

Invite your audience in

Don’t just talk at your audience, invite them in to engage and interact. This can be done in the form of a poll, quizzes or just generally asking for their opinion or feedback on a particular subject. Perhaps you want to know what they want to see more of, which of your product lines are their favourite or simply who they think will win at the next big sporting event.

A taste of reality

Don’t post contrived things that you think people will want to see. What they want is to see the real face of the business and what goes on behind the scenes. They want a taste of the chaos or to see what goes in to bringing you their products and services. Post pictures of the team, of the environment you work in and let them see behind the curtain.

Live video

A live video is viewed as genuine. It is not something scripted that you have rehearsed and edited. It is live, as it happens footage and anything can go wrong. But even if it does go wrong, it’s better to be genuine and to share that with your customers than to put something out that could be viewed as contrived.

live video streaming

Long-form content

For years we have been told that short, sharp messages are better when it comes to social media but why? Yes, you have a shorter amount of time to capture the imagination and attention of your audience but if you have something interesting to say then they will read it. Think about the messages that you are putting out and whether they are worthy of a long piece of content or whether you can just say what you need to say with a few words. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Choose influencers wisely

Social media is full of self-proclaimed influencers that say they have a following of 100k and that they will post about your products. To be honest for every good one, there are a lot more ‘crap’ influencers to put it bluntly. Either find a good, well reputed influencer that is good for your brand or don’t bother. Remember you are trying to build trust in your brand.

The thing is, all of these are easy to achieve. You don’t need to hire expensive production firms to shoot a live video and you don’t you need any fancy strategies to make your business social media pages work for you. All you need is a bit of time and a little creativity. Of course, we are always happy to help if you don’t think it’s something you can achieve on your own. Simply get in touch and we will be happy to offer the benefit of our experience.