Ephemeral social media content is set to become more popular in 2022 but what it is and how can we make sure we are executing it effectively for our businesses?

Temporary Content

Unlike your permanent Facebook and Instagram feeds where you post something that stays there (known as evergreen content) ephemeral social media content is temporary. It’s only there for a short while. In the case of Instagram and Facebook stories for example, 24 hours. Ephemeral content has become more and more popular with the likes of TikTok and Instagram reels making it even more accessible to the masses. 

Once the time is up, the content simply disappears, never to be seen again, unless someone saves a story to their highlights for example. 

Why Does it Work?

Take your classic case of FOMO. Customers that don’t want to miss the Black Friday or Boxing Day sales may actually queue up for these events as they know that once they are done, they are done. It’s the same with ephemeral social media content. Users know it will be there for a short time so they don’t want to miss it. It instills that sense of urgency in your audience and means that they will engage perhaps more so than they will with your evergreen content. 

It’s also fun and, if done right, can engage your audience and even grow your Instagram followers. Reels are discoverable if your Instagram account is public and can be shared to stories or re-posted to bring more awareness to your content as the original creator.

Interactive Content

It’s also interactive which means that you are far likely to get an action from a story than you are from a permanent post. What we really love about this type of content is that you can experiment. Try something that you may be hesitant to try on your permanent feeds. Ask questions, carry out polls. We often find that the audience is much happier to answer a story question than a question on a feed. Why? Well, the answer stays private. Your audience can communicate privately with you. In fact, it’s a quick, effective and easy way to carry out research and engage your audience.

If you are familiar with stories, and use them yourselves, you will know that there is a lot you can do with them. Not only can you add images and videos, you can also add text, graphics, animations, music and more. You can be more creative with ephemeral social media content than perhaps you would be normally knowing that it’s not going to affect the visibility of your Facebook or Instagram feed and that if it doesn’t really work, it’s not going to be there for ever. 

Get Creative

If you want to get creative, you can also use tools such as Canva to create your story in your brand colours with a logo, correct font etc. Canva gives you the option to create various versions of your post so you can create the classic Instagram square and a story version. We love creating stories this way as there is so much space to add content. Once you post the graphic you have created to your story, you can add any additional elements such as a question or a poll. Imagine you had two versions of the same product in different colours and you wanted to ask for feedback on which one… you can create something like the below. All of the elements are created in Canva with the poll question added on when you post it.

Keeping up with Social Media for Business Trends

It can be tough to keep up with, and recognise the latest social media for business trends. It’s such a fast paced industry with things evolving and changing all the time. You just get used to one trend and then something else emerges. Only last week, text to speech for Instagram reels was launched on the platform. In fact, it is so new that it hasn’t been rolled out to all yet and we still can’t get it. We are desperate to get our hands on it and play around though.

We do keep up to date by reading the latest industry news but you can also stay on top of what’s hot by just being a user. Take a look at stories that other businesses are creating or scroll through some of the reels. Instagram reels – wow where do we start with this type of social media content? That’s a subject for our next blog so stay tuned. Anyway, our point is that you need to consume the media as your audience would. Use your own Instagram to research. Just scroll the feeds, the stories, the reels and if something catches your eye, make a mental note of it. Better still, grab a pen and paper and start making lists of things that you have seen. How could you apply this to your clients or your business?

Practise and Experiment

If it all seems a bit overwhelming, you can start by just using a new feature on one platform. Make a pledge to post some stories – ask some questions, post some video clips etc. Practise using the various features and see what works and what doesn’t. Remember, the beauty of ephemeral social media content is that it doesn’t stay for long. An Instagram story will be gone in 24 hours. If it all still seems like hard work, we are more than happy to help.