Evergreen and Topical Blog Content

Essentially there are two types of blog content – evergreen and topical. Combining the two to make your blog
both current and a source of ongoing information is the key. Evergreen content is that which stays relevant both now and in the future. Topical content is current, trending subject matter, newsworthy articles that won’t always be relevant but equally are great for developing your blog into a turn to a source of information.

This is the kind of content that can be referred back to now and in the future and the key to achieving a well optimised blog. Within this you will have a range of various content ideas for your blog including the following:

How to Guides and Tutorials

This types of content works great for most categories of business and is one of the top content ideas for your blog that could help you gain real traction with both your audience and search engines. It could include anything from how to create the perfect hairstyle or look to how to fix a leaky tap.


These tutorial pieces of content are excellent ways to engage your audience and educate them. When you create these blogs, ensure that you break the information down into bite size pieces and perhaps include images or video guides to help visualise the steps. The more comprehensive you make your blog, the better. Use headers to separate the various sections and ensure that you lay out the information in the right order making it easy to follow.


Listicle blogs are pretty much as the name suggests – they are articles which are lists. This could include any of the following:

  • 10 interesting facts about a place/ subject matter /item
  • 5 places to visit…
  • 8 ways to…
  • 20 ideas for…

You should ensure that they are relevant to your business whether that be something associated with your category of business, the place where you are based (a restaurant in London for example could publish “10 Reasons to Visit London”), or something associated with the products you sell.

You may have a unique product and be keen to give people 10 reasons why they should choose said product. the trick is not to be too promotional – give your audience the benefits of the product and why it may meet their needs.


Checklists are effective pieces of content that you can produce quickly and simply. Start with the basics checklist and then expand. Let’s take a spring cleaning checklist. Write all of the jobs that you would need to complete for a through spring clean. Start with the interior jobs then move to outside. If you want you can drill down further and categorise by rooms inside the house and then areas outside – the garden, the outbuildings, front of the building and any other areas. Your exterior checklist may look like this

  • Power wash the drive
  • Clean the decking
  • Weed the flower beds
  • Weed the patio
  • Clean the gutters
  • Remove the rubbish from the garden
  • Rearrange the shed
  • Dig up dead plants
  • Plant new bedding plants
  • Prune shrubs, bushes and trees

Then you can expand on these points by adding a few tips – “when washing the patio, be sure to use a jet washer that is effective enough to remove the tough stains but be careful not to power wash your plants or your toes”.

If you happen to sell power washers, you can link to your product pages in the text – this way, if anyone needs a power washer, they can purchase one from you. Linking to internal pages on your site (or external sites) helps with the optimisation of your website and tells Google how people should navigate your website.


Do you have associations with industry experts or people that you could interview? It may be a specialist within your business can offer a specific service or advice or it could be someone external that is happy to answer some questions. If they have a website, interviewing them and linking the article to their website, is another way in which you can improve the optimisation of your website. Don’t forget, as well as offering people useful help and advice, you are also trying to get your website found to increase the traffic and, in turn, your audience.

You can format the interview as questions and answers or you could write a narrative which includes quotes from the interviewee. If you don’t manage to extract enough information to do a question and answer format, you could use quotes within paragraphs.

Guest blogs

A guest blog is a fantastic idea for creating a buzz around your blog. A guest blog not only gives you a fresh voice and new content, it will also help you reach a new audience as your guest blogger will hopefully share the blog with their audience.

As well as inviting people to contribute posts for your blog, you could also look into opportunities to guest blog on other sites. Perhaps you could create some two way arrangements where you guest blog for their site and they return the gesture. This is a mutually beneficial agreement if you both have similar size audiences however, not os if one of you had a much bigger reach than the other. None the less, it is well worth exploring these opportunities.


Only yesterday afternoon, we reviewed a pair of trail running shoes for our website. These shoes were a product that we had used many times and had stood the test of time, so much so that a product review was well overdue. The review was so easy to write as I knew every inch of these shoes, the good, the bad and the ugly. Within minutes I had put everything I needed to say down on a paper (or screen) and then formatted it into an easy to read, search engine friendly product review with links to the product on Inov-8.

Within an hour, I had submitted the URL to Google search console for indexing. Now, what happened next I didn’t expect. I Googled my search term “Mudclaw 275 Review” – 4th in Google – BOOM. I was getting traffic immediately. This doesn’t happen every day but when it does, it’s so satisfying. If you run an affiliate website (as I do), this type of content is great for getting traction and achieving sales.

Answer a Popular Question

Have you ever looked at Facebook groups, Quora posts, Reddit questions or other industry specific forums where people ask a question. For me, it’s usually ‘which are the best trail running shoes?’ or ‘which activity watch is the best?’ These questions aren’t random questions that pop up occasionally, they are repeated over and over in various different forums. These questions often inspire me to write blogs.

Only the other day, I saw a post asking about running gloves and which ones actually prevented your fingertips from freezing. Great inspiration for a blog writer and immediately you can offer your insight in the form of a blog. I then keep a list of these URLs once written in the notes app on my phone. Next time I see the question, I just pop a link to the page in the comments. I never worry about being SPAMMY in my responses – I am offering genuine solutions to a question. If people happen to buy from my recommendations, all the better – I offer a disclaimer in every blog which states that I may earn commission on any products purchased.

If you want some content ideas for your blog – get searching the forums.

The More Content the Better

Now, we have only scratched the surface with the types of content you can write. You will soon get into a rhythm but it helps to start a content calendar – mark in key dates, product launches, seasonal topics etc. You should be looking to publish a blog a week. If you can’t do this then at least one every other week. Think of it this way – each one of my pages that returns in Google gets several visits a day – the more pages I have the more visits I get – the more users and the more eyeballs on my content.

Coming up with content ideas for your blog doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, once you put pen to paper and start writing your list of ideas, you will find that it will soon start to take shape until you have a content plan. remember, this will help you create a business content calendar to tie in with your social media too. Take your listicle blogs for example – including facts means you can turn these facts into social media posts. You can read more about this here. In the meantime, start with a plan and then you will find that the content starts to flow.