We write, research, read and always look at the latest trends, ideas and tips for posts on social media content but through it all, we have discovered one common thread – the personal touch. Despite us posting the latest educational, informative, topical or promotional content, we always find one thing that engages above all else – the personal posts – the ones that show the people behind the brand and give your audience a glimpse inside your business. We take a look at how to make your social media posting more engaging and personal to your audience.

The posts that you should find easy are the ones that you feel inspired to post when you are confident about your subject and that just come easily. If it starts to feel contrived and awkward then maybe it isn’t what you should be posting. Sometimes those posts that come to us as we are going about our daily business are the ones that we should seize and action. It certainly makes social media posting more easy if you are confident and comfortable with your posts.

Building Trust with Your Audience

It’s all about trust. When you look at the massive corporations that have built their brands on social media even they aren’t above posting a glimpse inside their HQ, introducing their teams and showing you want goes on behind the scenes. It’s about building trust with your audience, giving your brand a face with real people and showing people that if they order from you, use your services or book an appointment, they know who they are dealing with, what they can expect when they show up and that you aren’t going to take their money without looking after their interests.

While we can say that you should be making your posts more personal, we ought to really give you some examples so that you can get off on the right foot. Let’s take a look at our top tips:

Meet the team

A photo of a team member with a bio about them. This is Mark, he is 45, he set up the business 10 years ago after finding a need for… you get the idea. If you have a large team, you could post one of these bios weekly on a specific day or you could spread them at more regular intervals. We used this as a post for a financial advisor that we provide services for. They would get the occasional like for the latest mortgage advice or a post about mortgage protection but when we posted a picture of their team and introduced them, they had several likes.

It was the same result with a local jewellers that we manage social media for. the average post gets 8-10 likes, a couple of comments and a few shares. We posted a photo of the team and we had over 40 likes in one day as well as several comments. I am forever asking my clients to send me team photos, pictures of their team at work, showroom photos etc. They really are the top performing posts that we see. You don’t need a fancy graphic, you just need to post a picture with a caption. It’s the best content you can post. Try and mix it up so that you can use this content on an ongoing basis but be sure to take advantage of it.

Meet a Client

Do you have a happy client that uses your service that would be happy to pose for photos? Perhaps they come for a treatment, a new haircut, a makeover etc. Everyone loves a before and after. No filters allowed though! Make this content genuine. Take good photos in the right light. You don’t need an expensive camera, phones take phenomenal photos that you can either turn into graphics using an app like Canva (they also have great templates that you can drop your photos and logo into) or you can post them as they are. Side by side graphics are usually better as they tend to get rendered in a different shape or size on Facebook especially.

Intro Video Clips

I saw a post for an estate agent the other day and instead of just another graphic it was an actual video introduction to a slide show. The estate agent had put together a slideshow of photos of the property and then they had presented the property from the outside explaining a little about it and inviting you in at which point they switched to the slideshow. Inspired and so easy. They didn’t have to spend an absolute fortune on a fancy video – they just filmed a landscape clip on their phone, put together a slideshow and knitted the two together.

I suddenly wished I had thought of the idea, packaged it up and sold it to estate agents – maybe there is still time but I will let you into a little secret – you can do this yourself in Canva. If you have product collection you want to share, why not film yourself or one of the team introducing a line of products and then switching to a slideshow catalogue of them.

The Journey

Social media posting is not all about your products or the end results. Sometimes it’s about a work in progress. If you make things, create things or provide a service, take a photo of the before, during and after. The journey to build a new kitchen for example or the process of making one of your products all make excellent footage for social media that is sure to engage your audience and get them looking back for more.

The Business Premises

Show people where you are and how your business operates. it may be a physical shop front which you can take photos of inside and out, or you may have a van that is your office. If you work from home, you may not be as comfortable to share photos of your home, but you could set up a work station where you can take close up shots of what you do. Maybe you send out your products to people – why not show them all wrapped and ready to post.

The Office Dog/Cat

everyone say ‘ah’. People love the dogs and cats. if you have a business pet, like so many of our clients, you can share photos of them and tell people a little about them. you will be surprised at how much trust this invokes in people to see that you have animals,. It often works more so than sharing photos of the kids or grandchildren.

A Piece of Machinery

This may sound odd but is there a piece of machinery or a tool that you use to do a specific job. While you don’t want to just post a piece of content showing a heavy lump of metal machinery, you could take a video of it in action or explain a little about what that tool does. Of course, this very much depends on your audience. I always remember my mum explaining about the machine at work (a bakery) that put the jam in doughnuts. I still smile at that sort.

Ask the Audience

While you are making it more personal, don’t forget to involve your audience. What do they want to see. Do you make products, or are you a reseller or products? Ask your audience if they have any suggestions on your next product line – size, colour etc. By engaging with your audience and listening to what they want, you are building more of a sense of community and a greater buy in from them. It is also great for market research and helping to expand and develop your products and services.

Something About Your Day

Perhaps you are in the middle of accepting a big order or you are making a shipment of products, maybe you see something amusing during your day or something that’s worth sharing with your audience. If something makes you smile why not share it? It doesn’t have to be particularly relevant to your business but something that people can identify with and that makes them stop their scroll to see what you have to say.


Have you won a recent accolade or been awarded a certification? Have you or one of your team achieved something impressive – a half marathon, marathon, triathlon, a hike, something for charity etc.? It is good to share these things with your community. Maybe you could even help raise more awareness or money for a cause. It doesn’t have to be all work related.

Remember that even if this content doesn’t produce the desired results, you aren’t going to lose anything for trying. It is worth experimenting with content to discover what your audience want. Please please please do comment when you include a picture of the team in your social media posting and let us know the results.