Unfortunately, not only are you fighting the hundreds and thousands of other businesses all trying to get their content seen, you are also fighting for space in the timelines of your potential audience which is full of social content from their family and friends. There is only so much that one person can see right?

You may have seen all these posts from people that say they have found a way to see other people’s post, to beat the algorithm and to see all their friends content again but this is just pretty much inaccurate information or clickbait. There are only two ways to make sure your content is seen by more people. You either pay for ads or you get them to engage with you. The second of these two options is cheaper but it does take a bit of creativity!

How Does Facebook Determine Who Sees Your Content?

Facebook uses coding (referred to in the industry as an algorithm) to work out what it thinks you want to see. Ever commented on a friends post and then seen every post they make for the next week or so? Then suddenly you think of someone you haven’t seen or heard from in ages and wonder if they’ve deleted you as you’ve not seen anything from them.

The platform will build a picture of your habits, what you like, what you engage with and what it things you want to see based on these habits. We’re not talking about the ads you see after a conversation earlier with your friend – that’s a whole different level of wizardry. No, we are just talking about the organic content that you see.

So, you liked something that a company posted or you commented on a post – now you are seeing them everywhere. There are two reasons for this.

  1. They are retargeting you with ads therefore you will see sponsored posts
  2. Facebook has noticed your engagement with their last post and assumes you want to see more of this.

Applying This to Your Social Media Strategy

Here is where you can get a bit clever. If your engagement has been a little flat and likes and comments are down with shares being non-existent we have a top tip for how to increase Facebook engagement. We can tell you from experience that it works.

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

We are going to take a client example – we can share the format of the post and the numbers achieved but cannot share the client name for confidentially purposes.

So the caption on this post (shared from another popular page with good interaction) was “name this dog after the last thing you ate”

how to increase Facebook engagement

The post was seen by 37k people – many more than like the page, there were over 1,300 comments, 500 likes and 29 shares.

Now, a large part of the success of this post is that it was shared from another popular source. This is great at increasing the visibility when you share it however, it doesn’t attribute the original post to you. That’s OK in this instance though as this is a strategic post to start a conversation. We should stress at this point that you trying to start a relevant conversation. We only posted this because the audience love dogs. We didn’t just post a ‘clickbait’ style post just to get comments. It has to be relevant.

The next post you make is the important one. If you’re launching a new product, have something you want to get noticed and don’t want this great piece of content to get lost in the crowd, post it after a big hitter like the previous post. Why? Well that’s easy. Based on the algorithm and the fact that Facebook thinks you want to see content from this company, you are far more likely to get into their timelines than if you hadn’t done the engagement post beforehand.

Two Simple Steps

  1. Post a really engaging post to get people interacting
  2. Follow up with important content that you want to be seen

While we can’t guarantee the exact science, the next post we shared reached over a third of the pages followers (great considering it averages between 10-20% ordinarily, it had good engagement in terms of comments and likes.

Always follow a highly successful post with something you want to be seen!

Examples of Engaging Posts

It is important to stress that these posts need to be relevant to your audience and aimed at starting a conversation. You aren’t just randomly asking for likes or comments.

  • Post the last photo in your phone
  • Share a photo of your dog – I have seen hundreds of photos shared on this type of post
  • Which colour do you prefer – give them two options of a product – great for product research
  • Give them multiple choice options – which of these locations would you choose for holiday – great if you are in the leisure industry
  • Spot the difference – I shared 4 dog beds for a client, all with dogs in them – 3 were sofa beds, one was a boxed wall bed. Lots of people commented. It was a simple post to re-create. I just took 4 photos, put them into an Instagram grid on Canva and then added numbers to each image. Perfect for starting a relevant conversation.

engaging social media content

If you want to create a big sharer for your own business that is likely to be shared, then we recommend adding your logo or website to an image. You can do this using Canva – its every so simple but will attribute the credit for the photo to you and with Canva Pro, you can unlock loads of images and share them on your social pages.

There are some that say contests are a great way to get likes, comments and shares but I have always tried to stay away from these. Facebook doesn’t like them, they don’t add any value – people just follow you for the free stuff and it won’t build your business in the long term.

Getting Consistent Engagement

Most of our time is taken up working out how to keep the engagement consistent. Unfortunately, we don’t have the magic answers but we know what works and what doesn’t. you must vary your content, you must post consistently and you must try new things now and again. Just scheduling a month’s worth of posts where you showcase your products is not going to get anything. In fact, all you will see is a drop in engagement. Keep it varied and try some of these ideas if you are struggling to keep it fresh.

Don’t be afraid to re-visit older successful posts. If it worked once, chances are it will again but don’t do it all the time and perhaps try a variation on the original post. After a while, you will discover what works and what doesn’t and you will be able to build a community with your page that is regularly visited and interacted with.