What should you post, when, how do you keep it fresh and vibrant? Evidence has shown that you can keep posting the same sort of post day after day but engagement will quickly tail off. Instead, you have to keep it varied, work out what your audience wants and keep it fresh and relevant. Imagine your own social media habits. What makes you stop the scroll? You know those posts that stop you in your tracks and engage you. That’s what you need to do for your audience to create a buzz on your page and keep people coming back for more.

There are several types of post that can create. We take a look ago just some of the ideas when it comes to what to post on Instagram  for business:

What to Post on Instagram for Business

First and foremost, Instagram is an image led platform. Where you can, we recommend that you post high quality images however, this only works if you have a steady stream of images that aren’t all the same. When these run out, you are probably going to be left scratching your head and wondering what to post on Instragram for business.

if you are limited with images, you can use graphics but our personal preference is to avoid making every post a graphic post. Instead try and use very high quality images of your product combined with other quality graphics and content.

If you are worried about others using your images, you can use a tool like Canva to overlay a watermark of your logo over the top. As you can see in the following image, this post showcases a product with a subtle logo overlay. If you want to put it in a more prominent position, you can do. What you are trying to do is put your stamp on it. You could also add your website too.

instagram for business inspiration

Photos of Your Products

When it comes to sharing product photos, be sure to tag your products. This will involve having a shop catalogue which is linked to your Instagram account. If you are using Facebook too, you can use the same feed for both. There are two ways to add your shop.

  1. A feed from your website (this may need intervention from your website designer). Because this method relies on a feed, it does actually have major benefits in that it will take into account how much stock you have.
  2. The second option is to manually add each product. This works if you don’t have hundreds of products and you can manage your stock control.

When you have a shop, you can then upload pics of your products, write a caption and use relevant hashtags and tag the products. This will enable people to make direct purchases. There is also a relatively new feature which, if a customer shares a product they have bought from you and tags you, you can request for it to be added to your shop. If they agree to your request, this will be added to the information available about that product. A great way to endorse your product and show real life customers are purchasing from you.

Creating Business Themed Graphics

Canva is our preferred method for creating graphics for Instagram. These can be anything from a combination of photos and texts with logos to inspirational quotes written over a themed background. Using Canva, you can pick out the colours of your business branding and make your posts relevant to your business so that your branding becomes instantly recognisable to your audience.

Making Good Use of Reviews

We have already discussed sharing reviews in a previous article which can be found here. Rather than just posting a blank screen with words on it, we suggest using a faded image of the product that your clients are reviewing, overlaying the review, or highlights of the review along with a logo overlay and five stars.

This endorses your product, gives information to potential buyers and you can also tag the product that they are reviewing in your post.

what to post on Instagram for business

Sharing New Blogs

While you can’t share direct links on insta like you can with Facebook, you can let people know that you have published a new blog. You can use an image from the blog or create a graphic which contains some sort of relevant content. Then simply add “click link in bio” to direct people to your website. Think about what link you wish to include in your bio. If you are highlighting a new product, you may want to add this as your link or you may want to add a general link to your website or a link to your blog. If you are going to change this regularly, be sure to change it back as and when required.

User Generated Instagram Content

There is nothing quite like user generated content to give kudos to your company. You can actually screen grab and share the content making sure you credit the person who posted it or you can use an app called regram which will repost the image and allow you to paste the posters text to your clipboard.

If you want the original content, you can message the original poster and ask them if they would send it to you.

Making the Most of Instagram Tools

Don’t forget to make use of other tools that will help with your quest for what to post on Instagram for business. While you may just be focused on your Instagram feed there are other tools which allow you to directly engage with your audience.

Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram stories offer you opportunities to get into direct discussions and should be part of your ‘what to post on Instagram for business’ strategy. We’ve always found that people are more willing to engage using stories. We can post the same post in the feed and as a story asking a question and people will answer the story rather than the post. We believe that this is because people prefer to engage privately rather than everyone seeing their answers or comments. It’s a much more personal way to communicate with customers or potential customers

Stories are also great for getting feedback from your audience. Let’s say you want an honest opinion on a new colour of product or a new range you are considering launching. Maybe you aren’t sure of the colour, size etc. Who knows best? Your potential customers that’s who! Pop  up a post asking for people’s feedback. You can ask it as a question or as a poll and get people to vote. It’s like market research without leaving the house.

Creating graphics for Instagram Highlights

If you have been looking at competitor pages and wondering how they get these clever little graphics on their story highlights, this is something that can be created simply in Canva. We use a story template and add an icon from the elements tab. Of course, you can use product photos instead of graphics if you prefer. Perhaps you offer various product lines and want to produce Instagram highlights for each category of product.

instagram for business

Instagram highlights using company colours and relevant icons

Disclaimer: Our posts may contain affiliate links. We may earn commissions if you shop through the links on this page although we only ever recommend products that we genuinely believe will enhance your experience.

Instagram Reels for Business

As an answer to TikTok and the 15 second video trend, reels allow you to have some fun with online video and can give you even more inspiration when it comes to what to post on Instagram for business. You can use footage that you have taken specifically for the reel or use one video footage that you have filmed for something else. Add music, text, effects etc and the post your reel, selecting if you want it to appear in your feed. Our results for various clients suggest that while you can’t do these all the time, they are great for having some fun.

We have had some great fun creating Instagram reels for business and watching the results – they are certainly a real engagement tool and offer the chance to reach a whole new audience.

Learning what to post on Instagram for business, at least in the early days, can be trial and error however, you will soon get the hang of it and it will become something you enjoy rather than something you endure. For more information on how we can help, please get in touch – info@engagedm.co.uk