Do Facebook hashtags work? The short answer is yes. Just like any other social media platform, hashtags have their place. Let’s take a look in further detail at the role they have to play and how you should use theim in your posts.

As an agency, we have spent a lot of time studying hashtags – the best ones to use for our clients, what works, what doesn’t work, how many to use etc. When it comes to Facebook, we don’t really use them like we do on Instagram where we produce specific lists for clients for different services. But do hashtags on Facebook work? Should you be using them and if so, how many and when?

Is there a magic number of hashtags to use for social media, or a fixed formula for working out which ones to use? Unfortunately, not. Like many things its about trial and error and discovering what works for you and your business. You can try using sites like this to play around with, and get suggestions for your hashtag lists or you can create lists based on various categories of product, services, areas etc. 

Hashtags on Instagram 

The most populated platform when it comes to hashtags is most certainly Instagram, followed by Twitter. If you want your content to be discoverable then you must add hashtags. It’s like a golden rule of this particular social media phenomenon. 

You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram in a post – some say it’s too many, others say that if you don’t make full use of the hashtags, you are missing out on potential discovery. Some will be soo widely used that your content will get lost in search reuslts. Some, you will find are not popular at all and therefore you also won’t return in many searches. The trick is to use some popular ones, some less popular ones, some middle of the range, and some that are bespoke to you and your business. We go into greater depth about using Hashtags on Instagram in our article which can be found here…

What is a Hashtag and How Do You Use it?

Using Hashtags on Twitter

Using hashtags on Twitter has long been a standard procedure. Not as many as you’d use on Instagram of course, largely because you have a limited number of characters to play with. We’ve always used 1-3 hashtags depending on the post, what room you have etc. A handy tips for making more of your characters is to hashtag the words within the caption. For example, if you were writing a post about using hashtags, rather than adding a list to the end of your post, you might try this:

If you need help with your #digital marketing and understanding #hashtags, discover more in our latest blog…

As you can see, this makes more of the characters and looks less spammy. Alternatively, you can keep it clean and separate your hashtags underneath the caption.

Using Hashtags on Facebook 

Facebook hashtags, like Instagram, are discoverable, unlike LinkedIn where they are not. You can search for specific results and you can click hashtags to find similar and relevant content. The trick is to use them correctly. 

We sometimes use a hashtag to highlight a specific campaign. For example, our client ProDog Raw, runs a Ditch the Dry campaign every August so weuse the hashtag #ditchthedry in every relevant post during the month. 

Another time you may use hashtags are when you are posting on a specific day or week – #breastcancerawarenessmonth for example or #nationalpizzaday 

Like our example of using them within the captions on Twitter, above, you can incorporate the hashtag within the caption 

To celebrate #nationalpizzaday, we want to know your favourite topping. You could then add an image to make it an engaging post that people interact with. We use Canva to create graphics either using our own photos or using pre-made templates like this one which we have amended the text on and added some elements to show you what you can achieve. 

If you deliver pizzas, you could add an offer, a code, or a call to action to get people to order from you. 

using hashtags on Facebook

People searching for national pizza day using that hashtag will find your post in the list of results .

Experiment with Hashtags

You may also want to experiment with hashtags here and there and actually carrying out some searches yourself. 

When creating posts, it will remember any hashtags that you have used before, or, if you haven’t used them, they will return you popular hashtags as you start typing yours. Please note this tool was discovered by us when manually posting on Friday 25th February so, to the best of our knowledge, this is new to the platform. 

Things to Remember with Hashtags on Facebook

  • Don’t use too many. It works on Insta – people are used to seeing hashtags – they don’t look out of place.
  • Don’t try and separate your words – once you hit the space bar, it cuts off the first word and makes that the hashtag
  • Do they make sense – what are people looking for, do your hashtags make sense? Are people likely to be searching for this term.
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Experiment – add a couple here and there 

As Facebook and Instagram continue to learn and use what they know about user habits, they will continue to evolve and develop the platforms. Facebook reels is an example that they have recently introduced. Due to its overwhelming popularity on Instagram, it was the next logical step. We may see hashtags being more heavily used on Facebook as it tries to emulate their Instagram success. For now, we would just advise you to look at what others are doing, try a few here and there and see what works for you. You don’t have to start using them on every post though.

To discuss your social media goals and objectives, or get some help with your digital marketing efforts, get in touch.