• Fed up of posting the the same old posts?
  • Not getting any engagement on your social media posts?
  • Feel like you are shouting into an empty room?
  • Want inspiration and ideas for creative social media posts?

The good news is we have lots of ideas and we are going to share them with you! 

If your social media has lost its spark and just turned into “here’s another photo of an install we have done”, or “here is another picture of our products”, then we can help you! 

It can all seem quite repetitive. The issue with posting the same old content is that your audience soon get rather tired. It’s OK now and again, but you need content that is going to stop the scroll, after all, you are competing against lots of others in a very competitive marketplace. 

We are going to give you some tips on social media posts that will stop the scroll, engage your audience and actually get some response. 

Now, we can’t guarantee success overnight but if you get the right mix of posts, you will soon find that your efforts are rewarded. In addition to your product posts, your updates, your informational posts, we recommend incorporating some of these. 

Why not try experimenting? Pick one or two below that you are comfortable with and go for it. Now, we don’t suggest that you try them all one after the other or that all of a sudden every post becomes one that you expect people to respond to. Instead take one, get creative and see what happens 

Guessing Games 

We don’t know about you but we love a pop quiz – they always get us so this post was a definite scroll stopper. 

It was on Stephen Brown’s Art page and it made us stop. In fact, we took a screen shot and sent it to another agency that we collaborate with to showcase what they had done. 

It was. “GUESS THE LYRIC” post but it wasn’t just any old song lyric – it was one that was relevant to a new product launch. 

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They used two posts to tease the new product asking people what they thought the product would be. 

As you can see the engagement was amazing – they did it very close to the launch so people didn’t have long to wait and then they got 121 comments and 23 shares when they actually did the launch post.

You can use this tactic to tease a new product, you could use it because it’s relevant to a product or service or you could just do it for fun. You can either do this as a post in your feed or you can create stories with questions to get people to respond directly. Sometimes people are more inclined to respond to a story. 

Creating the posts within your brand guidelines can be achieved using apps like Canva which allow you to load your own brand kit so that you can use your logo, typeface and brand colours. 

Lines from Films

Guessing a line from a film is another way to get people engaged with your posts. Following the same theme as above, you can use the famous film lines to tease a new product or to just get people to engage with your post. It’s better if it has some relevance to your company, or to the subject of your post. 

Guess How Many?

We love this one – not least because we posted it for a client. In fact, while we type this, the post continues to perform. Within minutes of this post going live, the comments started to come in. Guess how many dogs in this bed – the majority of answers were ‘5’ when in fact, it was ‘4’. The trick with a post that’s going to do well is that first hour. If the post doesn’t immediately gain traction, try sharing it along with members of your team, friends and family. 

National and Awareness Days

You can actually download a handy Awareness Days calendar with a subscription so that you never miss a day. This then syncs with your calendars and gives you downloadable spreadsheets. Of course, we have lots of customers so it pays us to be on the money when it comes to creative social media posts. You may find that it’s an unnecessary expense and rpefer instead to just check through a list of which are relevant to your business. 

Awareness and nationally celebrated days are great, especially when they are relevant to your brand or your audience. 8th March for example is International Women’s Day and a great chance of you to shout out to all the women that work on your team or to all those women that buy your products or services. 

World Book Day is also a good opportunity to create a post as is National Pizza Day. Then there are days dedicated to dogs and cats or pets in general, food and drink days, mental health awareness days and weeks. The next two we are looking at at the time of writing this area Global Recycling Day and World Sleep Day. These 2 days are relevant to 3 of our clients so we will prepare posts for them. If we can get interaction from the teams, we will film some footage in their premises, if not, we will product a graphic or video. This was something we produced for our social page on World Book Day. 

While they won’t all necessary get lots of engagement, some of them will work like a dream, For example, a post about National Pet Day and encouraging people to post a picture of their pets in the comments will generate many comments. You can either do this by starting it off with a photo of your own pet – the office cat, your dog that you take to work or just your own pet at home, or you can create a graphic to share. While we don’t believe every post should be a graphic, they can work really well if you want to share info in your post. Even if it’s just an overlay of your company logo in case your post gets shared. You can do this using Canva – this is our go to tool for all of our graphics and allows us to offer all kinds of services to our customers including review graphics, promotional ads, professional stories, ad campaigns and much more.  

How to Tips and Tutorials

This type of content is evergreen and never goes out of date, giving you an excellent opportunity for creative social media posts.

You can use videos – long or short, posted to your main feeds, using Instagram/Facebook Reels, stories and blogs. In fact, why not mix it up and have a play around? You don’t have to be an expert to record videos on your phone and overlay text. The new reels function allows you to do this with ease. 

For longer videos, you can either upload them straight to your social pages, or create a YouTube channel and share the links (can’t share links on Instagram remember)

Videos get much more visibility, engagement and interaction than any other form of content. They are digestible, quick to view and they are the preferred type of content for consumers. 

You can also create a how to blog – this is great content for your website and a way to get traffic to your site. Create the blog then share the link to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Also use Google My Business to increase your Google presence. 

Share Relevant Content

Curated content should form part of your social media schedule whether you share a post once a week or once a fortnight. What we mean by curated is content that has been created by others which you then share. This could be something that makes you laugh that you think would make your audience laugh or it could be a blog, or informative article from another company in your field. it may be a source of news that is relevant to your audience. For example, we work with a financial advsiors that specialises in mortgages. When the bank of England base rate rises, we share this headline with their audience to inform them that it may be a good time to review their current mortgage deal. It imparts valuable information and gives you a chance to remind people that you can help. You don’t have to have any specific talent for these type of creative social media posts – you just need to do a bit of research to find them. 

An example of how we used this recently was for a car leasing company that we work with. They are focusing on promoting electric vehicle deals. The curerent fuel situation (March 22) and the rising prices means that people are currently paying betwenn £1.60 and £1.90 a litre. An electric vehicle is currently a much cheaper and greener vehicle choice. If people are in the market for a new car at the moment, they may be seriously considering an electric option. We shared an article about the rising cost of fuel with the headline “What’s the most expensive fuel price you have seen?” It’s designed to get people to engage with the psot, answer the question and start a conversation. It’s extremely relevant to the company and is an easy post to share.

NB – it’s important to remember, that when you share content from other sources other than your own website, and people click it, you are taking the user to their website, or the original source of the content. This means it’s better to use this type of content sparingly.

Share Exciting News

There are a few ways in which you can do this:

  • Publish a blog post and share it
  • Create a graphic with key info
  • Share links from other relevant sources
  • Post pictures
  • Combine all of these

Let’s take a blog for example – fantastic for shaing lots of relevant information rather than just sharing the highlights in your caption but you can’t share a link to Instagram. In which case, a graphic would be better where you can mention the link ot your website as being in your bio or you can change the link in your bio to the URL of the blog (remember to change it back later)

You may not have time or enough info to create a blog and instead feel that just a few social posts will be enough. Let’s take this example from www.prodograw.com – they announced that they were going to Crufts in a graphic post and tesed it in their Instagram and Facebook stories. They then spent the four days of the event posting customer photos, pics of their stand, pics of customers, other customers tagged them and their social coverage was excellent. They really created a buzz around the whole event and people responded to it.

Create a Reel

There is so much you can do with Instagram Reels and the good news is that Facebook have now introduced them too! Facebook reels actually have more music available than Instagram for business accounts as well. 

We’ve had so much fun creating reels for our customers. We have written a whole article about it here. They make fantastic creative social media posts. 

Go to your page via the Facebook app (not using Business suite) and choose the option to create a reel. On Instagram, you can choose to create a reel too. 

We would highly recommend scrolling reels first to see what is available and what others are doing. It will give you inspiration. It’s your chance to have some fun. We created this for a client just the other day. All we needed was a video clip and a couple of photos. You need volume!  

Give Your Customers the Spotlight 

If you are checking your notifications and you discover that you have been mentioned or tagged in a post, be sure to thank the customer and ask them if you can share it. Usually it’s fine as long as you tag them and they should be happy for you to share their content as they tagged you. You can use a Regram app to share their post – that’s the easiest thing to do, especially with videos. If they have tagged you in photos either save them from Facebook or screenshot them from Instagram and repost. It’s a great way to show that others are happy with your products and shows them what they look like in real life. 

If your audience see you tagging other peoples pages or accounts, they may be more inclined to share photos of your products or the work that you have done, after all they often want to put their accounts in front of a new audience and it may help the visibility of their page. 


Professional Advice and Support

You may be great with posting on your pages and just be looking for a little inspiration with more creative social media posts, in which case we hope you find this article useful. If you are struggling for time, or just don’t know where to start, we are more than happy to help. Simply drop us a message and we can go from there.