If you are anything like me, you get lost in a world of reels when scrolling Instagram. As a keen trail runner with an ambition to build my own camper van, these are just two of the topics I follow. I just love reels and how amazing the addition of music, soundtracks and other elements can make your content. Sometimes its the song that makes the difference. I have lots of customers that just love the reels that we create taking their content and bringing it to life. You may be wondering how to create those amazing Instagram Reels for your own business. You may even have had a bash at creating your own only to discover that you can’t find and add the music you want to your reels. Well, we are here to help you discover how to add music to Instagram Reels, which music to add, how to get creative without having creative skills and how to get more out of your Instagram efforts. 

If you have a business Instagram account, you have probably realised that you are rather limited when it comes to the tracks that you have access to. You see, personal users can use the whole catalogue of music whereas business users are more limited at what’s available to them. There is a hack to access more reels as a business account. You’re gonna love this!

How to Get Access to the Whole Instagram Music Library

Wondering how to get the latest tracks for your reel or to use other music that you have seen and want to use? it may be perplexing you that when you try and find a certain track you only have a very basic list. Well, here’s the Instagram music hack that you need. Simply change your account to the ‘entrepreneur” category and you should be able to access all of the popular songs available. 

Here’s how to open up your account to a whole world of Instagram music:

  • Go to your account and select ‘edit profile’ 
  • Scroll down to account type 
  • Select ‘category’
  • Type in ‘entrepreneur’
  • Click green tick to save
  • You can then go back into category setting and ‘turn off category label’ if you don’t want to be viewed as an entrepreneur.

Don’t worry – by turning off the category label, people won’t be able to see that you’ve changed from ‘furntiture retailer’ to ‘entrepreneur’ for example. That’s it – it’s really that easy. Now you can explore the full extended catalogue of music and have some fun with your content. We will even show you how to make those cool reels that you see that actually change in time to the beat of the music.  

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s discuss Instagram Reels in a bit more depth. There is a full article here if you want to learn more but we will just cover the basics for now. 

What Are Instagram Reels?

Originally available on Instagram, and now recently extended to Facebook. Reels are a great way to create video content on Instagram. Not unlike TikTok, users can record, edit, compile video clips of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds or more. You can add music and text and create some really cool transistions. You may just use a static image and add music to it, you may stitch together video clips or just use one video. You can play around and have some fun creating demos, funny videos, showing products or just having fun.

Once your reel has been created, you can choose whether you want to add it to your feed or keep it in the reels tab.

Then you can share it on stories. By having the Reels tab on your profile, this allows Instagram to push it out in the Explore Feed. Not only that but scroll down just before you hit share and choose if you want the reel to be found in Facebook’s explore tab too.

While no-one fully understands Instagram algorithms (we’d all be rich if we did), it looks  looks like the Explore Feed curates a mix of trending content as selected by their content creators and content based on who you follow, the content you like and where you’re located.

Adding Music to Reels

Adding music to your Reels makes them more engaging and turn a simple video into lively content. You can even match the music to your theme or create a theme to go with the music. There are so many trending songs on Instagram that have themes that go with them. If you get in early enough you will increase the visibility potential of your post.

Finding Music

How do you find the best and most popular music for your Instagram Reels? Here are our top tips:

Find a Track That Fits the Subject

Why wouldn’t you do this? If we want people to check something out we use a track like ‘come check this’. When creating this particular reel which was a bit of fun on a personal account I wanted to exclaim OMG. I found a track that said exactly that and made sure that the reveal was timed to the music.

I have used lots of different themes to make sure the music fits the content of the video – a ticking watch – Time Goes By by Madonna, a running video about hill training – what else would I use if not the Kate Bush classic.  It just gives it context and is usually my go to method for choosing music to fit reels. 

Scroll Reels

Much of the time, we find the music we want to use from scrolling Reels on Instagram. When you see something you like, simply click on the music icon at the bottom of the Reel and it will add it to the saved items. How do you find Reels? Simply find the video icon that sits between the search button and Instagram shopping. Then enjoy scrolling and finding the most popular songs. Take a look at how many people have engaged with the post – the more likes, the more popular. 

Browse the Explore Page 

Using the explore tab, you can find the Instagram Reels that are on the rise. Not everything within this section will be Reels but it is a great place to start. 

Find the Arrow Symbol 

Look for the arrow pointing up and to the right next to the song name. This will show you which songs are on the rise. It may not be a song you recognise but it may be one that is popular with other Instagram users. 

Browse the Music Catalogue 

When you select the audio icon when creating a Reel, you will be taken to the music catalogue. Here you will be able see music recommended to you which is categorised – this could be pop, jazz, rock or original – the original content recommended usually includes popular vocal pieces that you will see are being used in many Instagram Reels. The intuitive catalogue will also recommend songs based on previous music you have used. 

Check Out TikTok 

TikTok is where it’s at – it’s where most things start to trend before they find Instagram. If you want to see what’s hot and get ahead of the curve, head to TikTok and find out what you should be using in your Reels. 

Use Spotify 

Have a Spotify account (or not). If you haven’t got one it’s worth getting one. Here you can find popular playlists based on songs that are trending in Reels and on TikTok.


Top Tip – choose a popular song and then get added to the album of reels for that song – watch your reels take off! 

how to add music to Instagram reels

How to Add Music to Instagram Reels

Open up Instagram on your app and then click to create a reel. There are a few ways in which you can do this but the one pictured is simple. You can also click on the camera icon too.

Next you can either add your photos or videos and then add music or you can search the music catalogue.

When the Reels screen loads, you’ll see a list of icons on the screen. Tap the music note to choose music.

  • Click the ‘Saved’ icon to find music you have already saved 
  • Browse songs that are trending on Instagram
  • View songs Instagram thinks you will like in the ‘For You’ section
  • Or tap on the ‘Search Music’ bar at the bottom screen to look for a particular song or artist
  • Slide the bar at the bottom of the screen to find the section of the song you want to use
  • A pink dot indicates the most popular segment of the song
  • The lyrics will also show on the screen to make it easier for you to select the perfect snippet
  • When you’re happy, tap on the ‘Done’ button in the top right-hand side of the screen and you’ve successfully added music to your Reel!

Adding music to reels can be quite time consuming as you get lost in a world of songs thst you could use but also a lot of fun and it does’t take much to get that one Reel that gets seen lots! If you are spoilt for choice and cant decide, just save them for your next reel.

Like everyone, you have to start somewhere so our best advice is to have a play around, find what wokrs for you and enjoy discovering the many features that Instagram Reels has to offer. We warn you though – set aside half an hour at least as it can get a little bit addictive. 

Timing Your Reels to the Beat

As well as helping with how to add music to Instagram reels, you can also try some really cool templates and transitions. This is quite slick. if you scroll, you will find others that have created these really cool reels that transition to the beat of the music. Now, some reels will promote how you create these for yourself giving you the timing transition however, we do love those reels that say “use template” – much easier to just use the template that someone else has already done.

This is amazing to combine video and images or just to showcase your images in a really cool way. I love to travel with my kids and had a whole library of different images from various European cities. I was messing around the other night and came up with the following. Now, I just did it on my personal account which doesn’t have a tremendous following – i was just practising but was really happy with how it turned out and to get so much traction off such a simple post. Even my 18 year old daughter that cringes at everything I do on Instagram commented that it was cute.


Experiment with Reels

Our best advice would be to experiment. Some things will work, some won’t. We’ve seen reels take off and get thousands of likes while others have struggled to get past 50. It can be a bit hit and miss but it does bring your content to life. It’s a great way to showcase products and it can stop people scrolling. The good thing is, unlike your usual posts, these reels tend to carry on performing. I’ve seen reels that still get traction months later as they re-appear in the Explore tab. 

Have some fun and see how you get on.