We’ve got 99 blog ideas to help inspire you with your next blog subject. Why 99? Well, why not? Coming up with blog ideas can often be the trickiest part of managing your blog content strategy. It helps to actually spend some time brainstorming ideas – just taking 30 minutes to come up with a list of possible blog ideas will get the juices flowing and before you know it, you will have months worth of ideas. These should keep you busy for a while.

How to/Useful Blogs

Think about the last time you searched for something in Google. Perhaps it was “how to fix a leaky tap, how to look after plants, how to paint stair spindles… the list goes on. Useful blog guides are a great source of content to engage and encourage shares. They also do well with search engines. Let’s take a look at some useful blog ideas. Even if they don’t apply to your business, how could you adapt them to suit?

1. How to Fix… a tap, a broken drawer, a broken fence, a broken nail… an excellent way to engage your audience. You can include text, step by step photos and even instructional videos linked to a YouTube channel.

2. Cleaning Hacks for the Kitchen – natural products to clean the oven, the hob, the sink etc

3. Spring Cleaning Ideas. Exterior and interior srping clenaing tips for around the home and garden

4. Hair Up-do Ideas – for weddings and special occasions – inspiration and how to tips

5. Makeup Tutorials – creating the perfect smokey eye, winged eyeliner, lips, contouring…

6. What to Plant in the Garden – Spring, Summer – what you should plant and when

7. Top Tips to Keep House Plants Alive – We have Googled this a few times – we learnt that overwatering was our particular issue

8. How to Get Blog Traffic – Another topic that we are constantly researching

9. How to Monetise Your Website – Affiliate links, display advertising…

10. How to Choose a Roofing Company – tips on what you should be looking for so that you don’t get ripped off


We love a listicle – can you tell? If you aren’t sure what a listicle is then you are reading one now. A listicle is a list of ideas, tips, instructions, etc that are often short sentences rather than huge paragraphs of text. They are short and to the point and give snippets of information. Easy to read and digest, they are very much favoured by search engines.

11. 99 Blog Ideas – Well we couldn’t write this blog and not include it in this list!

12. Top Ten Tips to Brighten up Your Home – Accessories, paint colours, pictures, artwork, blinds, doors with glass panels etc.

13. Top Destinations to Visit in Europe – this could be European cities, rural areas, top tourist destinations or significant beauty spots.

14. Most Popular Products – This could be a list of your most popular items

15. 20 Money Saving Ideas – this could be carrying out a health check up to reduce bills, cutting down on coffee from the local coffee shop, cutting back on gym membership, stopping paying for subscriptions you don’t need etc.

Top Tip – if youre struggling for content ideas, tap into google possible search term that are relevant to your business and see what is suggested in the drop down list 

Promotional Posts

You shouldn’t constantly post about your products – your blog should instead be about providing value to your customers however, if you have a new product, a product review, a product case study or “how to use it” guide, you can share promtional content including the following ideas:

16. New Product Launch – This can be a teaser for a product that is coming soon to whet the appetite of your audience, or a post to introduce a new product

17. A New Range – Perhaps you are expanding on a current range or introducing a new range of products

18. A Product Review – This always works well when a product is reviewed by an external source. Ask a customer to produce a review of your products. They don’t have to write war and peace, just some bullet points of their experience – you could then expand on this to make it into a blog with photos that they have taken

19. Posts About Your Company – What sets you apart from everyone else, what is your company history or what’s new for your business?

20. Charity Work & Support – Do you support a specific charity as a company, are one of your team members doing something for charity like a marathon or are you supporting, attending or promoting a charity event?

21. Meet the Team – This could be a page on your website but you may want to introduce a new member of the team or share updates about them

22. Tips for Using Your Product – We recently wrote a blog for a dog bed company – How to wash the bed, removing the covers and reassembling it. You could share top tips for this – don’t tumble dry it, for example

23. A Case Study – Installing a new bathroom or kitchen for a customer? You could follow the journey from design to installation and then the finishing touches once the customer has done the final decoration and accessorising.

24. Share Customer Experiences – Gather feedback and reviews from customers and collate them together into one blog. Showing multiple happy customers that have used your services or bought your products instills trust and confidence

25. News – Redecoration, moving premises, temporary closures, major developments – sharing news stories on your blog is an ideal way to share information with your customers

26. Your Top Ten Products – What are your top sellers?

27. Best Examples of Your Work – Showcase some of your proudest projects

28. Throwback Thursday – Perhaps you only started your blog recently and hae years worth of products and projects to share – take a look back at a previous project in a blog post

29. Ask the Audience – Give your audience a list of options of potential products – perhaps you could share a list of ideas and get them to vote in a survey style blog

30. Competition – Launch a competiton via a blog to win a product that you can then share on your social media channels.

Fun Blog Post Ideas

It doesn’t have to be serious all the time, you can come up with some blogs that are fun and offer your audience a little light entertainment.

31. Sleep Facts – Did you know, an elephant spends xxx hours asleep? This could be included in a listicle blog about general sleep facts. Offer up some fun facts to entertain

32. Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Our Product – Sounds counter-intuitive, right? This type of content is good for capturing people’s attention though. Sometimes, it’s in our nature to look for the negative so we are intrigued to find out more. When they click through, your blog could be about reasons being why your product is so great that they will never buy anything else!

33. The Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know – fun and leaves room to play around

34. Fun Facts About Our Team – Present humour and that personal touch

35. Start a Challenge – Why not involve your audience in a challenge that you could introduce with your blog and carry on through your social channels?

Industry Specific Blogs

What’s going on currently in your industry that you could blog about? Producing relevant content for your audeince could set you aside from others in the industry or set up up as an authority

36. Share Your Accrediations – If you are a Which Trusted Trader, have industry accreditations or have been awarded something of significance, write about it and what it means to your customers

37. Tips for Choosing a… – Maybe you are a roofer, kitchen installer, plumber and want to share your top tips of how to choose tradespeople without getting ripped off. You can talk about probmens in the industry and what sets you apart

38. The Price of Materials/Shortages/Rising Costs – It affects us all – perhaps you are having to introduce price increases and want to explain to your customers how the wider industry is affecting your decision to do this

39. Industry News – Whats going on in your industry currently? What are the challenges you face, the exciting developements etc?

40. Share Your Industry Knowledge – While blogging about industry specifc events or news, why not include your experience in the industry, set yourself up as an authority

Additional Blog Ideas

These are the additional ideas that you could add into the mix to offer vareity and entertainment/information to your blog:

41. Weather – The Brits love to talk about the weather, share something relevant – ideas for how to enjoy the sunshine, how your products can be used in heat/cold, etc.

42. Seasonal Blog Ideas – Christmas present ideas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter – they don’t all have to be your products, but you could include your products within it

43. Holiday Blog – Want to show off the amazing place you went on holiday – if you are writing a lifestyle blog, you could include this sort of blog within your content schedule

44. Your Favourite Restaurant/Cafe/Deli – the blogs you write don’t always have to be about your products or services, you could blog about your favourite restaurant for example and share the love – in return you may get some social shares for your trouble. Building great relationships expands your community

45. Something You Feel Passionate About – Are you passionate about a subject or topic and have strong views to share? Are you trying to raise awareness for a cause?

46. Share the Solution to a Common Problem – Helping your audience by answering their problems is a great way to build trust and a rapport

47. Share Your Hobbies – Do you have a hobby that you are well versed on? Share details, information etc. and link to a relevant site for others to discover more

48. Something That You Find Invaluable – a tip, a piece of information, a product you can’t do without, a recipe – share your favourite things

49. Your Favourite Films – Get people to share theirs with you

50.  Best Music Albums – Ask people to share their favourite albums with you

There you have it – 50 blog ideas to help you devise a content strategy. We recommend alternating between the categories so that all your blogs aren’t the same and that you vary the type of content you share for the best impact.

Have ideas that we have missed? We’d love to hear them.