In this article you will learn the do’s and don’ts of how to add links to Instagram stories including:

  • How to add a link to a story on Instagram
  • How to change the text and label the link 
  • What links to use 
  • How to monitor performance 

Rewind to August 2021 and there we were furiously trying to get one of our client’s accounts to 10,000 followers so that we could use the link feature on Instagram stories. It was apparent for quite some time that our Instagram stories were getting far more engagement than our feed posts and that we really needed to be taking advantage of Instagram story links. We used every tip and trick to increase followers finally reaching 10k in around October/November time of 2021. Then what happened? Instagram changed their rules and allowed all businesses to use links on their stories. Well, it was bitter sweet – we had grafted for this but we had reached the magic number. Not only that but now all of our smaller accounts were going to benefit from the same. Now we absolutely love the fact that we can add links to stories and wanted to share to you how and when to use it.

How to Add Instagram Story Links

It couldn’t be easier. Simply create your story and then go to the icon below and click on it.

instagram story links

Next select the ‘link sticker’ circled below.

Which Links Will You Use?

Once you have clicked on the ‘link’ sticker, you need to then enter the link that you want the story to point to. This could be any of the following:

  • Main website link
  • Blog link
  • Product page
  • Category page
  • Special offer page
  • External website – linking to somewhere else

Customise Your Instagram Story Links

Once you have entered your website, you can then customise the text. Basically this means that instead of the website address showing, you can actually type in what you want the link to say. Let’s say you are advertising a Vanilla Candle. Instead of adding your business website or the long URL, simple type ‘Vanilla Candle’ or if you want to get even more direct, type in ‘Buy this candle now’. It’s a direct instruction to your customers of what they need to do to find out more or even make a purchase. Use any of the following labels

  • Learn more
  • Buy now
  • See more
  • Check it out
  • Buy this product
  • Visit our website
  • Order yours now

You can then click on the link banner once added to your story to change the style/colour – you may want it to blend more with the main story theme or you may want it to stand out and be really visible.

In the example below we are showcasing a Spanish beach – it could be a simple URL lie Visitspain but we have changed the text to ‘Discover this Spanish beach’

Add your destination link and then click to customise.

how to customise story links

Then you can click on the banner to change the style/colour.

Monitor Your Story Link Performance

Another useful feature of Instagram story links is that you can see how they are performing. All you need to do is click on the story circle on your profile (the profile logo) and then click on the story you want to view – you will see ‘view activity’ at the bottom – click on this and see how many people have viewed your story and how many have interacted with it, including how many link clicks you have had.

And that’s it – it’s short and sweet, its dead easy to do but it could provide great results. The great think about this type of content is that it is only there for 24 hours so you can practise and experiment and find out what works for you. Save the best performing ones to your highlights for future reference.

If you want to display multiple links in your bio then you need to sign up for Linktree but that’s for a whole other article. 

Enjoy experimenting with Instagram story links and let us know how you get on.