Creating engaging social media content for business in the current climate is hard. It really is. There are so many businesses, groups, communities, clubs and individuals all fighting for space in your Instagram feed, your news feeds, trying to get the next viral video… how do you compete? We manage lots of social media accounts for our customers and we have seen things get harder. Likes have dropped, visibility has decreased. We are constantly challenged to find new ways of trying to attract that audience and connect with those 3000 people who like or follow the page but that never seem to see our posts. Coming up with the goods is the a full time job in itself. We have published blogs on ideas for posts, how to engage your audience, what to post, when to post etc but let’s step back and look at what really works and how we have found ourselves getting response and results on social media in 2022.

 Before we start, it is important to manage expectations. Not every post is going to be a big hitter. Focus on quality over quantity and accept that some posts just won’t do as well. If you try and make every post engaging, that’s great but accept that sometimes, for reasons that even the most experienced among us can’t fathom, some posts will just get lost in the ether. 

Use Real Images

We actually published a blog on being real on social media. you can read it here but let’s take a recap at why it is so important to be real. People love looking at aspirational and inspirational content on Instagram or Pinterest. It gives them something to aspire to however, what they don’t want is fake content that is unrealistic and unachievable. Let’s take stock photos vs real photos for example. It’s easy to go to a photo stock website and download the fanciest cake you can find and imply that it is your business but why? What do you do when your customer places an order for a cake only to discover it’s not like the shutterstock photo. Take your own photos of your own products. You can hire a photographer or use a decent phone by all means and stage them nicely but make sure they are yours. In the past we have used stock photos because our customers didn’t have their own photos. They get far less likes than real photos. People can tell!


creating engaging social media content

Don’t be a Faceless Business

I have lost count of the times i have pinged over a Whats App to a client to ask them to send me pics of them at work, their team, their surroundings, their customers, their showroom. Honestly, I give ya cast iron promise here that people photos and photos behind the scene often work much better at engaging folk than any other post. I can have two images – one of a new product that looks all amazing and one of the team in the showroom all smiling – which one works better?

Want to get your post likes and shares up? Post pics of what goes on behind the scenes at your business. Grow the trust and perception of your business by showing people what goes on.

Ask a Question or Create a Sharer

Simple and effective and fantastically engaging social media content. Friday last week – we saw something somewhere about never leaving home without a kiss and an I love you then wiping the dog hair from your mouth as you leave. Simple quote – it made us laugh. It wasn’t the first time we had seen it either. We created a custom graphic out of it – a simple text graphic with a logo and a branded colour background using Canva and then posted it saying “Happy Friday! What happened? So far 400 likes and 116 shares is what happened! This is from a post with 12 likes the previous day. Yep – simple and effective. The same customer we managed to get over a million views of a shared “how to remove a tick” video. If you take a little time to think of a simple, no frills post, you will be shocked at the response. Post the last photo of your dog in your phone – this can be applied to cat, pet, last thing. you ate etc. These things should be used sparingly but if you create a big sharer that gets lots of visibility, next time you post, more people will see it.

engaging social media posts

Don’t Overload With Text

We have short attention spans much of the time. We scroll with our coffee, during our break, on the tube and generally when we have a few minutes to spare. We don’t have time to read swathes of text (she says as typing a blog). Instead we look at images, funny captions, emojis, videos… don’t overdo it on the captions. You have a short space of time to capture someone’s attention. Ask a question in the first line of your text. Get the info out before they have to click “see more” to read the rest. Instead, focus on the emojis you use, the images in your post or the video content.

Use Reels/TikToks

They seem to be everywhere – reels are now even on Facebook although not as intuitive or easy to use as they are on Instagram. Reels and TikToks are capturing the imagination of our youth and they make extremely engaging social media content. Recently when the Queen passed away, I was trying to explain the Royal Family and the traditions to my 13 year old daughter. She knew it all. How did she know it? She had seen it on TikTok. There I was concerned that my children were not paying attention to the news and weren’t interested in watching the processions or the pomp and ceremony while they were watching bite sized clips on TikTok. They were getting similar information – just in an easy format that they could digest and engage with. This is how you need to capture your audience.

Reels are easy to make! You can use music, text overlays and create them from video content or from still images. There are so many examples on Instagram. We highly recommend having a scroll. Better still, search for something you are interested in and then view all the reels related to that subject. Warning – it can suck your time up and literally ‘reel’ you in.

It should be noted, compared with images, if you get reels right you can end up with trending reels that bring you a lot of likes and views as well as new followers.

So that’s our 5 top tips for today. We could list more but these are the biggies – the ones that we believe will make the biggest difference in the short term. Try them and let us know how you get on. If you don’t have the time, we can help!.