For many businesses such as restaurants, hairdressers, retailers and the like, marketing is quite straightforward. There are so many platforms and ways to get your message in front of clients – mainly the popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc. When it comes to construction marketing for construction however, it can be a little trickier. Let’s face it, when we are scrolling our feeds an ad or a post for a hairdresser or a local restuarant is likely to interest us however, who wants to see an ad for construction supplies? So, how do you reach the right audience? Well the principal is the same, it’s just a matter of choosing the right platform. 

Traditional Construction Marketing

Years ago, it was porbably enough to advertise in an industry specific magazine and have firm relationships with certain businesses that put work your way. Nowadays, the landscape has changed somewhat. Traditional media has become diluted and people prefer to discover information online. They want to type what they are looking for into Google to find the answers. They certainly aren’t going to be choosing a construction supplier while scrolling Instagram.

While it may seem a mystery to the construction contractor or supplier, it doesn’t need to be. You just need to think about it a little differently which is where we come in. 

construction marketing

Using the Right Social Media for Construction Businesses

While we have already discounted the likes of Facebook and Instagram for construction marketing, there are relevant platforms. Enter LinkedIn! It’s not an easy task – you have to build a page for your business, get followers and get them to interact with your content. Now, we are a business and we want to make a living so we are not going to give away our secret formula for this but we can help you with ideas of what to post. If you want to discover our proven method for growing an audience and generating enquiries, drop us an email.

What should you post:

  • Pictures on the site you are working on
  • Pictures of your team/office environment
  • Industry news
  • Testimonials
  • Jobs that you have completed
  • Brand awareness
  • Website information shares

This in isolation is not going to generate enquiries but once you have built an audience it will help you to engage them and grow your brand awareness.

Content Marketing for Construction

In addition to your social media efforts, a good content strategy for your website is paramount. Ensuring that your website content is fully optimised for the right keywords is crucial. You are also going to need a blog on your website. One that is consistently updated with fresh and useful content that answers the users query in Google. We have lost count of the number of blogs that we have written for a scaffolding company. We are actually masters of it now. Our latest client specialises in dust suppression equipment – we get a lot of enquiries from both the website and LinkedIn since our work for them commenced.

What Types of Business Can Benefit

There was a time when our favourite types of client were the hairdressers and restaurants of this world until we saw the results that we could produce for construction companies. Among the list of clients that we have worked with are:

  • Scaffolding company 
  • Dust suppression and odour control 
  • Window and conservatory companies 
  • Flat roofing specialist 

We have learned over time what works and what doesn’t and how to get the best out of the campaigns that we manage. The one thing that we do get right is the generation of quality leads which is why we have spent years working witt our best clients. We are confident in what we do and our results speak for themselves. By employing all the best techniques and knowing what works, we are able to nail construction marketing whether that be B2B or business to consumer. We don’t just churn out the same content for all. We take a bespoke tailored approach to each client’s business. 


If you would like to discover more about our construction marketing tactics and how we could help to grow your business and help you attract new clients, please get in touch on 07828 669152.