If you’re pretty tech savvy and can find your way around the various social media platforms, and their many functions, then you are going to spend less time than someone who struggles to create just one post (cue social media agency to do it for you) but let’s take a step back from this and look at the planning stage and how much time you should be dedicating to your business social media content each week.

The Key is in the Planning

Strategising and planning is often a luxury for businesses who struggle to keep up with the daily demands of business. Fitting in business social media as well? Don’t be ridiculous – how are you going to get time to create engaging content, respond to comments, answer messages and make sure you are keeping up with the various trends etc? All of this while keeping one eye on what your competitors are doing and making sure you aren’t missing those all important reviews. Well, it’s not impossible and either you, or someone that works for you, could be making good use of their time and dedicating 5-7 hours a week to managing your business social media content.

Batch Content – 1-2 Hours Per Week

Don’t just wait for good business social media content to fall in your lap and then post it. We have worked with many company’s who have relied on this strategy. We get a few days of lots of content then nothing for two weeks. Instead, be a bit more prepared. Think ahead – create various videos:

  • How to use a product
  • How to carry out a certain task
  • Film the showroom or premises
  • Film a quick job.

There are so many things that you can film and turn into cool reels. Stitch several short clips together or film a demonstration of one of your products. Creating 5-7 videos plus looking at some other images and events that you might have coming up and you can probably come up with a month’s worth of business social media content in an hour or two.

Scheduling Business Social Media Content – 1 Hour Per Week

Once you have prepared your content, all you need to do is schedule it up for a few weeks. You don’t have to schedule one a day. Decide on a posting strategy of say three or four posts per week and then start building out your social calendar. If you get great content that is time sensitive or you want to get out straight away, you can either move something else on or post it in the gaps. Simple right? Having a dedicated time each week when you work on your social media content means that you are able to spend time creating content without distraction rather than trying to come up with posts off the cuff.

Connecting, Engaging and Following – 2-3 hours per week

If you are new to the social media for business game then you are going to want to build your following quite quickly. You should spend time connecting with others. This might be suppliers, others in the industry, potential clients and those that can help spread the word. You could look for potential influencers that might be willing to post about your products if you send them some freebies. Be careful of this though – it doesn’t always breed loyalty. Much better looking to current customers who are active on social media with a good following to test and review products.

Engaging is also a great way to build a profile – comment on the posts of others in the hope that they will return the favour, respond to comments on your posts and keep in touch with what others are doing. Stay loyal to your loyal followers by liking and engaging with their comments

Dedicating just 30 minutes a day is time well spent – using trapped time is often good – so if you find yourself waiting in a queue or waiting for a meeting etc – make good use of this time.

Responding to messages and reviews

Very important – often you will see an indicator of how long it takes a business to respond to messages. This will often determine if someone looking or something in a hurry will choose you over someone else. If you have a message, try and get to it ASAP – at least set up an auto response with a contact number if they are more likely to get hold of you on the phone.

If someone leaves a review, good or bad, respond. Thank them and share the review if it’s positive. If it is negative, be sure to post a public response so that people can see how you deal with negative situations. 

Research – 1 Hour Per Week

It is always good to spend a little time on research, Even if that is part of your own personal social media scrolling. follow competitors or brands whose approach to marjeting you like. Follow others in the inustry and find best practice and inspiration. Have a look at what is working for others and consider if this is something you can emulate. 

Some will spend more time than others on each of the above steps. Some businesses will need to spend more time on their business social media. It will largely depend on how busy your pages are, how much you have to say and what time you are prepared to invest in it. if you would like to discuss a strategy for your business social media, we would be happy to help.