When you’re a busy entrepreneur, growing your social media presence can be challenging as you need to catch up with more important responsibilities. But it doesn’t have to be. Maximising social media presence can be easy if you know how to spend your time and apply the right strategy. Doing this may increase the return on your investment without spending a lot of time if you are thoughtful about the measures you take.

Here, you’ll find helpful advice for improving the effectiveness of your social media presence so that you can maintain active accounts, grow your social media following, increase engagement, and concentrate on other crucial business duties.

Instead of Being on Every Platform, Focus on a Few

Signing up for every social media site under the sun is tempting. We frequently feel that if we don’t, we will miss out. However, there are better ways to maximize your social media presence than this, especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur. If you’re the only one in charge, that’s a lot of responsibility. Managing social media tasks will become increasingly challenging when you publish content across five distinct platforms (i.e., simultaneously executing small business Facebook marketing campaigns, handling twitter sponsored posts, posting stories on Instagram, etc.) 

Focus on learning just one or two platforms. There are a few elements to help you choose which ones to employ. Where on the internet does your audience spend the most time? And on what platforms can you shine? Moving forward will be much simpler once you have identified which two platforms meet those criteria.

Keep the Quality of Each Post

Publishing high-quality material is essential for producing significant outcomes. An uninteresting social media post will draw little attention. Putting in your best effort and leaving a lasting impact with whatever you contribute to achieving this is preferable. Knowing what your target audience wants to see from you is the first step so that you can tailor content according to their interests. 

Make sure to incorporate relevant keywords when you produce your content to improve the likelihood that it will appear in search results. Also, remember to include an image, as this is the best method to deter folks from scrolling. A surefire way to garner all forms of engagement is to post with genuine intent.

Use Easily Updatable Templates

Images are another essential component of social media, as was already mentioned. It is best to have unique writing, images, and graphics that stick out. Making templates, you can use repeatedly is the easiest approach to accomplish it. You won’t have to start from scratch each time, which will save you time. You may even provide a few alternatives to change things up occasionally.

However, there is still another reason that using templates would help you organize your social media content. Templates will give your content a consistent appearance that your readers will recognize. They’ll notice your graphic template while they go around social media. They’ll recognize it right away as a piece of material you wrote. That is a wise strategy for building a powerful brand. Create a template using your logo and brand colors to achieve a unified appearance.

Curate Information From Credible Brands

You don’t have to write each post you share yourself. Sharing handpicked information is wise because it will make managing your social media accounts easier. Share any articles, movies, or podcasts your readers would find interesting. You can contribute your viewpoint to spark a discussion.

Schedule Posting by Batch

Being a busy entrepreneur makes it difficult to post in real-time every day. Other things need your focus. Because of this, it’s crucial to schedule postings in advance. It is helpful to start by creating a social media content calendar. You’ll be aware of what needs to be published, which platform it’s for, and when it’s going live in this way. 

From there, you can spend money on social media scheduling tools. Then, schedule everything and set aside time to sit down and write material. If you want to produce a lot of content at once, you can do this weekly or monthly. The idea is that batching makes you more productive because you aren’t switching back and forth between several jobs all the time.

Employ a Support Team

Being a sole proprietor is fantastic, but occasionally you need some assistance. It’s simple to become stressed out if you’re juggling social media chores with everything else on your to-do list. It’s acceptable to enlist the help of a social media manager. In addition to writing material for you, this person can schedule posts, reply to comments, and send direct messages. You’ll have more time to concentrate on other crucial chores that can advance your firm.

Consult With a Coach

Developing a marketing strategy is highly intimidating if it isn’t your strong suit. Additionally, if you are completely overwhelmed by the circumstance, you won’t be motivated to handle social media profiles. That’s because it frequently results in a state of mental paralysis when you are unable to move on.

Working with a coach or consultant who can help you transform your social media presence is beneficial when that happens. You can clarify what you want to accomplish online with the help of an expert. Additionally, they can also guide you with data privacy for startups to keep your information protected. 

Once you know where you are and want to be, you can build an effective and efficient plan. The best part is that you won’t have to solve the problem alone. Someone with experience will guide you through the process.

Final Thoughts

There is no secret recipe for managing small business social media marketing. Instead, it necessitates much effort, experimentation, and carefully considered solutions. Do not fear failure. By using the tips above, you’ll be more likely to succeed in maximising social media presence for long-term business success and, more crucially, to benefit your customers, audience, and followers.

Author – Myrtle Bautista