AI content tools such as Chat GPT and SEO AI Writing are becoming increasingly popular among content writers as they produce SEO, keyword-driven content that ticks many boxes but how does it compare to the human element? Is AI going to displace our need for content writers or can it be used to complement the way we have done it for decades? We take a look at AI content vs human content and which is best for which tasks.

Full disclosure now – we use SEO AI Writing and Chat CPT to produce content for clients. Sometimes, when we are looking for inspiration for content ideas, we plug a theme into the chat tool and let it come up with ideas. It is also an immense tool for research. Only the other day we needed somewhere in the region of 100 product descriptions. Bring on Chat CPT and uniformed bunch of descriptions with unique content. It’s also great when writing boring text – terms and conditions for example.

You Can’t Beat the Personal Touch

While was say we have used AI to produce content, it’s not our preferred method. We were asked to write new website content for a local removal company the other day. I plugged a brief into the AI tool and it returned me the most robotic, dull piece of text I had seen for a while. In this case in the AI content vs human content debate, the personal touch won! No local knowledge, no examples of customer experience etc. It was very wooden and not the type of content I would want to read. I want to be engaged, I want to know that this company is going to offer me what I need. I don’t want text that I can read on any old pages of a website. So, I started from scratch, I used my own experiences and what I knew of the subject. I researched competitors, I did it all the old-fashioned way and I, along with the customer were more than happy with the content produced. It was personal, it made the company seem like the friendly, well-established, local company that they are and not just another removal firm churning out the same old content.

What About Blogs?

When it comes to blogs, you can mix up your content. There will be personal stories, company news, product launches etc that require the personal touch. There may be a certain tone you want to set for your blogs that can’t be achieved by using AI. Then again, when you are looking for some accurate, researched content that has been gathered from information across the web, AI can be the quickest and most accurate way to find the facts, sourced statistics and comparisons that are available.

Why not mix it up? There’s nothing to say that you can’t write your intro and call to action and then call on AI to produce the body content that forms the bulk of your article. It’s a great way to get lots of SEO friendly, researched content that is combined with your own personal stamp. 

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Where AI Has its Place

There are many benefits to AI-produced content. These include:

  • Better use of time. AI can produce 1000 words of content in a fraction of the time
  • Accurate, compared content that is garnered from any sources in a short amount of time
  • Keyword-focused – tell the robot what you want it to do and it will follow your brief
  • SEO friendly – if you are asking for an article on xxxxx – the returned content will include lots of relevant keywords and content
  • Great for repurposing – if you have an existing piece of content you want re-written just ask GPT or Bard to do it for you .

Where Human Content is Better

You can’t beat the personal touch in some circumstances. Content written by a human can be:

  • More engaging and personal – tailored to the right audience
  • Written in the tone that the business wants to portray
  • Original – While you will get unique AI content, it is often derived from existing content
  • Content-based on real experiences that customers can relate to

There is no doubt that there are content writers out there possibly trying to justify their existence at the moment and this should not be the case. We have had many discussions with clients we work with, agencies that we partner with, and other businesses within the industry and it’s our belief that while AI has its place and can save time and money, it is not yet a substitute for the human touch where businesses want a better quality of engaging content. Used together though, they can work effectively to help you produce fresh and relevant content for your blog. 

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