You may be wondering what the current Instagram restrictions are for following accounts and why there are limits. Well, back in the early days of Instagram, the popular way to get followers was to buy them. This soon became an issue and bots were buying cheap likes from accounts that were never going to engage with you. Since then, there have been lots of robot spammers that try and sell you followers or leave comments on your Instagram telling you they can help you grow your profile. To try and stop the bots, Instagram set limits. We take a look at these Instagram follower limits and what you can and can’t do.

How Many Accounts Can I Follow a Day on Instagram

In total you can follow no more than 200 accounts per day on Instagram and more than 10 per hour. The 200 limit can be 150 and for newer accounts, this number is fewer. Once you exceed these numbers, Instagram suspects that you are conducting spam activity and it takes steps to stop you. First with a warning and then with further warnings, restrictions to your account and eventually account deletion. 

Is There a Maximum Number of Accounts I Can Follow?

Yes, you can only follow 7,500 accounts in total. That goes for everyone. This is to minimise spam on Insta. Follow for follow tactics are discouraged. You should only follow accounts that you are generally interested in. You will notice that many of the most popular Instagram accounts follow very few accounts in relation to the size of their own following. 

If you do see someone who is following more, it’s because this happened before the change was made. 

What Happens if I Follow Too Many?

The first time you are restricted for following too many accounts at once, you will get a warning pop-up – “You can’t follow accounts at the moment” – you can see what the notification says below. If you do then try and follow accounts you will get another warning telling you that you have been stopped from following accounts for the time being. This usually lasts for 24 hours however, repeated offenses can see you restricted for longer or even banned. 

instagram follower limits

Unfollow Limits

Just like Instagram follower limits, there are also unfollow limits. You can not unfollow more than 150-200 accounts per day and you should exercise caution when unfollowing too many. As a tip, we usually go to the “least interacted with” accounts and unfollow a few of them at a time.

It may be that you are having a bit of a tidy up and unfollowing accounts you followed some time ago or accounts that may no longer be active. If you are skirting close to the limit of 7500, you may just be doing some housekeeping. Make sure that what you are doing is for genuine reasons and not just a cycle of endless following and unfollowing.

How Many Interactions Per Day?

In addition to restrictions on Instagram follower limits, and how many accounts you can unfollow, there are also limits on how much you can interact. You cannot like more than 1,000 posts per day and you cannot comment on more than 180-200 per day. So, if you are trying to get noticed by liking and commenting on everything, you may want to change your tactic.

In terms of direct messages, the numbers vary depending on the advice you seek but in general, you cannot sned more than 50-100 direct messages per day. If this is how you communicate with people. you may want to look at alternative methods.

How Do I Grow My Instagram Followers

If all this leaves you wondering how you are going to grow your Instagram following, you can discover more here however, here are a few quick tips.

Use hashtags with your posts

Instagram hashtags are searchable and if people are looking for your products or services, consider what hashtags they might be using to search for these things. It may be that you have several lists of hashtags for each post. The recommended amount of hashtags is 3-5 per post in the caption. The maximum you can use is 30. If you are going to use numerous hashtags, then consider popping them in the comments instead.

Stick to the Instagram Follower Limits

Accept that there are no quick wins and that you are going to need to be slow and steady. Try a few each day or pop on several times throughout the day to follow accounts that are more likely to buy your products. You can use your hashtag research from the previous post to search for people who are posting about things that match your business services.

Optimise Your Instagram Profile

Be sure that your bio is up to date, that your grid looks professional and the images you are posting are inviting.

Engage with Other Businesses/Profiles

Like and comment, reply to comments on your posts, share other business posts to your story and interact. If you do this for another business, chances are they will return the favour.

Use Engaging Content

We all long for that viral post that gets us lots of attention resulting in shares, likes and followers. To give yourself the best chance, create good quality reels that are more likely to get shared.

Post Content at The Right Time

Be online when your audience is, and learn when posts get more attention. Some say that weekday mornings are the best time of day for posting but do your research and find out what works for you.


Unfortunately, there are no quick wins and with Instagram follower limits, you are going to have to put the work in to ensure that you get new followers that are interested in your business. Keep at it though but stick to the limits.