For many businesses, keeping their social media feeds fresh can be a constant struggle. One of the things that keep us busy here at Content Genie is producing 30 content ideas for social media for our clients who simply don’t have the time to do it themselves. At other times, they just want to know what to post and when.

It can be hard to be innovative and creative when you are busy running your own business. Posting pictures of yet another product or sharing yet another news story will just eventually serve to switch people off and your engagement and visibility will decrease. On the other hand, not posting for days at a time will mean the lack of consistency will also have a detrimental effect to what you post.

In order to work out what works for you and your business, and give you a constant stream of content we invite you to take our 30-day social media challenge. Don’t worry, we are going to guide you through the process with our list of posts below. All you need to do is take a few minutes each day to post. If you still find posting daily for 30 days is too much, treat it as 30 content ideas for social media and post every other day.

30 content ideas for social media

1. Pictures of your workspace

Don’t have a workspace? Take a picture of your van or even your laptop strategically placed on a nearby surface alongside a notebook and a cup of coffee.


2. Team photos

If you have a team of people then take a team photo. Post it to social media and introduce them. Then, if there are a few of you, you can do a single post once a month for each team member. If it’s just you take a selfie and show people the face/s behind the business

3. Your most popular products

Is there a product or service that is your most popular? What are you best known for? What do people buy from you. Take a picture of it and post it with details on your social media pages. If there is a link to buy it online post the link.

4. What you are looking at right now

Maybe you are about to start a new project or you have a particularly nice view – go ahead and post a picture of it. Ask people to post what they are looking at.

5. Interview a customer

it doesn’t have to be an in depth interview, just ask them some questions about why they use you, how they found you etc.

6. Post a testimonial

This can be a review but put it into a nice frame using an app or take a screen grab and repost it.


7. Post a caption photo

If you have a particular engaging image which lends itself to a caption then ask people to come up with captions.

8. A community event

A local race, a school event, a fete…. post a local event and become a hub of useful local information.

9. Local news story

What’s hitting the headlines in your area? Check out your local news site and share the latest story.

10. Another business (not a competitor)

Perhaps the business next door or a local business that you use has posted something interesting or perhaps you just want to promote them in the hope that they will return the favour?

11. Share the story of your business

How old is your business and why/how did you start it”?

12. Breaking news

If there is a breaking news story and you are online then share it. Alternatively, topical news items like royal wedding and royal babies are another engaging topic.

breaking news

13. Turnback time

Remember that time when… share something from your business from a few years ago and do a turn back time post.

14. Something seasonal

Sun’s out so what are people doing? Having a barbeque? Share with them a popular BBQ recipe or ideas.

15. Attention grabbing statistic

Did you know that xxxx number of people own a xxxx or that xxxx number of xxxx (you get the picture)