Struggling for inspiration to keep your social media fresh and relevant? We share a 30 day guide, designed to help you when it comes to posting on your social media platforms. This is perfect for those of you who have no idea where to start or how to keep up with posting consistently. Take the 30 day challenge and see how well you get on. Are you ready to post 30 days of social media content as part of your social media strategy?

Building Your Page Audience

Before we start, we would recommend that during this process, you try and build your audience numbers so that your efforts are reaching as many people as possible. You can do this in a number of ways but don’t do it before you have posted something first. Make sure there is something for your new followers to see:

  • Share your page on your personal timeline and ask people to like it 
  • Share your page in a group for small businesses or other relevant group and ask people to like it 
  • Promote your page and spend a few pounds on a “likes” campaign, targeting a relevant audience of those that are likely to become customers. 

Day 1 – Ask a question

This is a great first post. All it takes is a little imagination to come up with a topic that people will engage with. Something simple like “post the last photo you took on your phone”. This is a great way to get people engaged and you will be surprised at how many people get involved. Perhaps you can post the last photo you took as the visual element of your post. 

Tip – use an emoji of the down arrow and tell people to leave their photos below. They may not know that you are expecting them to do something.

Day 2 – Introduce Yourself

Tell people about your business. Introduce your business by sharing a link to your website or by posting a photo of your premises or a really good image that gives an overview of your business. This is an introduction to you and your brand so give some thought to what you want people to see.

Day 3 – Share a Product or Service

When it comes to sales posts whether direct, or indirect, we recommend keeping these to 10-20% of your total social media content posts. If you use your social media pages to sell to your audience, they will soon tire of your posts. Social media is “social”. It’s where people go to engage with their family and friends and to find out what is going on in the world. Like traditional newspaper ads, it’s a bonus if they buy something but you can build a community to grow your brand awareness and occasionally remind people of your great products and service. So, on day 3, share a great photo of a product – maybe a photo that someone has shared, one of your customers, perhaps. Describe the product, tag the product, share a link to the product.

Tip – If you are selling physical products, the easiest way to show people more detail and encourage them to buy is to create a Facebook shop where they can click and buy the product easily.

Day 4 – Share Something Funny/Cute/Wow/Inspiring

Seen something on Facebook that made you laugh? Be sure to share it with your followers. Bear in mind the origin of this content and share from the original source. If you decide to download it and pass it off as your own content, be sure to credit the original poster.

Day 5 – Tag a Supplier

Whether you design kitchens, sell building plastics, offer a tradesman service, sell your own handmade products or third party products, you are bound to have suppliers or partners. Find their Facebook page and tag them. They will see the tag and re-share or return the favour. Building communities within your network is a great way to get your social media content out to a wider audience and grow your following.

Day 6 – Share a Topical Link/Event/Post

What’s going on in the news today? Is there anything that everyone is talking about? Is there a big event coming up? Find something relevant or topical that you can share with your audience. It may be a local event that’s happening or it could be major world news.

Tip – When it comes to sharing world news, keep it light hearted – don’t start sharing doom and gloom headlines – there is enough of this in the media currently!

Day 7 – Offer Some Advice

Is there some magical tip that will help prolong the life of your product? Maybe you can help people out by giving them some advice. Is there a tip for using your products that will benefit the customer and build that trust element. It doesn’t always have to be about selling. Perhaps you offer a gutter cleaning service but what to give people tips on how to get their windows gleaming?

Sharing tips and advice makes your social media content more valuable the end user. If you don’t know how to share this advice, you could try making a graphic with your brand colours, fonts and logo and some simple text saying “top tip” for example. Canva is a really useful tool for creating these type of graphics and if you keep them all within a brand theme, you can make your social media content look familiar to your audience.

Here we are telling you what to create for 30 days of great Facebook content when we could be selling this service to you but by offering tips and advice on your social media content, we become a more valuable service and a trusted source of information by sharing this information with you.

Congratulations, that’s week 1 down and if you take our advice, you will plan out a week at a time and schedule as much up front as you can. this way you don’t have to spend time each day remembering to do this. See “Scheduling” at the bottom of this page.

Day 8 – Customer Review

If you have sold products or services for a while now, the chances are you have got reviews. If you haven’t then approach some customers, or those that have trialled your products and ask them if they would be so kind as to leave a review on your Facebook or Google page.

Next, take the text from the review and, using Canva again, overlay that text over an image. If the text doesn’t come out very clear, try increasing the transparency of the image within Canva and trying that. Add some stars using the ‘element’ tab and you have a Facebook ready graphic. Word of mouth – the best recommendation of products or services.

Day 9 – Meet the Team

Now this will depend on if it’s just you, or if there is more than one of you, as to how much social media content you can create and how many posts you can do. You could post a picture of you and your co-workers all together as a team or you could spread them out and introduce one member at a time. If it is just you and you are camera shy, you could take a pic of the work van or something that identifies your business.

Day 10 – Packaging/Delivery

For those of you that offer a product, share the product packaged and ready for delivery, or share a display of your products. if you offer a service, like bathroom installation, kitchen installation, plumbing etc, then share a photo of the finished job along with some before photos. You can create a slideshow of images showing the before, during and after photos of the job.

Top tip – if you are using eco-friendly packaging or there is something special about your packaging, be sure to share this

Day 11 – Engage People Again

Engaging people is key when it comes to social media however, this is not always practical. You can’t ask questions with every post and get people to engage – not if you are just starting out and trying to find a balance in your posts. You should endeavour to get people to interact with your content though. Why is engagement so important? Well, if someone likes your post, comments or shares it, or even tags a friend, other people will then see that post. You probably see yourself when your friends like pages and posts. If someone engages, it also means they are likely to see the next post you make, increasing your reach and visibility.

Today, why not post something asking people to choose – do they prefer this colour or that, this style or that, tea or coffee, red wine or white wine, Italian or Indian food. It doesn’t have to be relevant to your business but you could make it something that fits in with your routine of the day for example.

Day 12 – Tag a Local Business

If you have a high street premises and get your coffee from the local deli, or you go for lunch at a local cafe etc, you can tag that business. If you have purchased something recently from a. local business then tag them. Facebook is about building communities and the more interactive you are in your community, the more people are likely to return the favour. If you are an online business, tag a business that you have recently ordered from. This works really well with some brands. we purchased a sofa from and tagged them and they responded. Recommending products is a good way to endorse a brand while getting yourself noticed.

Day 13 – Check Out the National Calendar Days

So, this takes a little bit of prior planning but if you are looking for relevant content, check out National Awareness Days and find out if it’s National Black Dog Day or national Prosecco Day for example. There are lots of these awareness days that could be relevant to your business or could just give you some topical content to talk about.