Building Your Page Audience

Before we start, we would recommend that during this process, you try and build your audience numbers so that your efforts are reaching as many people as possible. You can do this in a number of ways but don’t do it before you have posted something first. Make sure there is something for your new followers to see:

  • Share your page on your personal timeline and ask people to like it
  • Share your page in a group for small businesses or other relevant group and ask people to like it
  • Promote your page and spend a few pounds on a “likes” campaign, targeting a relevant audience of those that are likely to become customers.

Day 1 – Ask a question

This is a great first post. All it takes is a little imagination to come up with a topic that people will engage with. Something simple like “post the last photo you took on your phone”. This is a great way to get people engaged and you will be surprised at how many people get involved. Perhaps you can post the last photo you took as the visual element of your post.

Tip – use an emoji of the down arrow and tell people to leave their photos below. They may not know that you are expecting them to do something.