If you have a business blog or are considering blogging for business then here are some valuable points to consider:

Make sure your blog has an objective

Blogging for some can be a way to express their thoughts and feelings or to entertain the masses but you need to consider the purpose of your blog. Are you using it to impart your knowledge and establish yourself as an authority in a specific field?  Perhaps you are using it to educate people. ‘How to Guides’ are a great way to add value to people.

Make sure it is reader friendly

Consider how your blog reads. Try and keep your sentences short and arrange your text into paragraphs. If it is easy to read then it is more likely people will spend more time reading it. Bullet points are great as they allow you to be concise and to the point. Images are also good for making your blog more appealing and visual.

blogging for business

Optimise content for search engines

This is the trickier part and where an expert can help you to establish a blog that Google will return in specific searches. What terms do you want this blog to be found for? Take this blog that you are reading now. The search term is blogging for business. To ensure that Google finds it I need to ensure that the term appears in the title of the articles, at least one subheading and that I mention the keyword approximately 4 further times in the text. Mention the keyword too many times and 1. It makes you look like you are shoehorning it in at every opportunity and 2. Google will penalise you for keyword stuffing.

Blogging for business

Don’t look like you are blogging for business reasons

Overselling can be a real turn off and it’s obvious to spot. Your blogs need to be engaging and educational but you don’t want to use them to oversell yourself. You can use subtle references to the service you offer. I could do that now by simply linking to my content writing services page. Keep it from appearing like you are pitching your services.

Be consistent

I am just as guilty as the next person of not blogging consistently. Time goes by as we work in our business that sometimes we forget to work ‘on’ our business. If you are blogging for businesses you need to try and blog weekly or fortnightly. This way you are producing lots of fresh content which will engage your audience and keep Google happy. You can write a few at a time and schedule them if you feel you won’t have time to blog weekly. If not you can hire someone to write them and schedule them for you.

To find out more about how we can help you with blogging for business then you can contact us and we will be only too happy to help.