Blogs and Social Posts

We don’t just write blogs. We go much further than that. In fact, when you purchase a blog from us whether it be 500 or 2,500 words, we will provide the following

  • A thoroughly researched blog that is relevant to your industry
  • A post written in a voice that speaks to your audience
  • A blog that answers the questions your customers might have
  • An SEO-friendly blog, optimised with keywords as well as a meta title and description
  • An image that goes with the blog
  • Social media posts to accompany the blog to allow you to promote it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

While we don’t charge the earth, we do charge for our experience and skill therefore our blogs (including the above are priced as follows:

  • 500 words researched and optimised – £50
  • 1000 words researched and optimised – £90
  • 1500 words researched and optimised – £130
  • 2000 words, researched and optimised – £170

If you want to order more than one blog, we can provide a tailored quote. Just email us at