Listicle Blog and Social Posts

This has become a popular content marketing service amongst many of our clients and one that we can effectively fulfil. For most industries, you can come up with facts about a product or service that will engage and educate the audience. That’s what it is all about after all.

Often we write a blog, we then share it with a link and preview to Facebook, Linked or Twitter and create a relevant graphic for Instagram. After that, the blog sits on your website waiting for Google and other search engines to pick it up. It doesn’t really get shared again until a couple of months have passed when enough time has passed for people to have forgotten they have already seen it.

This got us to thinking that there must be more value than that a blog that has been carefully prepared and crafted. We spend a good few hours creating content and optimising it and while it adds phenomenal value to a website, sometimes it would be good to increase it’s visibility and share this information with as big an audience as possible. This got use to thinking so we started taking snippets of blogs and creating graphics to highlight a certain piece of information or fact. Then a new concept was born. We don’t claim to be re-inventing the wheel but we do feel it’s a service that could benefit many businesses.

What Are Listicle Blogs?

A listicle blog, as the name suggest are articles that are basically lists. Take the word list and article and you have ‘listicle”. It may be ’15 Facts About Coffee’ or ’10 Facts About Dogs’ for example. These blogs are usually specific to the industry of the customer that we are working for. We recently wrote one about rodents for a pest control company – 10 Facts About Rodents. The beauty of this is that once we have created the blog, we can then create social graphics that you can schedule with a link to take people back to the blog – if they miss it the first time, you have several more chances to get the blog seen plus engaging and educational content. Everyone is a winner.

Research, Content Production and Graphic Creation

It’s no secret how we do it. We take your industry, a product or service, research interesting facts about it and create a blog of between 500-1000 words. The more content we can write, the bigger the blog. We then take the headline of each fact and create a graphic for each. We can provide between 6 and 10 pieces of content for you using your brand kit. Off course, our go to tool (if you want the insider knowledge), is Canva. Using Canva we are able to create brand kits including your fonts, logo and brand colours and produce creative content that engages your audience and lifts the content of the page. Let’s share an example of something we have completed recently.

An Example of a Listicle

The client is We have a brand kit consisting of font, Pantone and logo and a template set up in Canva. We wrote the blog to begin with discovering lots of interesting facts from various sources. We don’t plagiarise content – we take what we find and we turn it into original content. Our content marketing services provide all original content that cannot be found anywhere else.

listicle blog content and social media graphics

Once we have our listicle blog, we then set to work to create the graphics. If you click the image above, you can read the blog and you will see how we used the facts to produce the graphics below. Each graphic is a template that we can use to represent your brand identity, lift the content off the page to encourage people to stop the scroll and try and engage them with a question and interesting fact. These are designed to work across all social media platforms, we can create them to suit the platforms of your choice.