As a social media management team we have offered our services to many clients across many platforms over the years. While Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn have always been easy services to offer, the one that has always made marketers groan is Instagram for business.

This wonderfully popular, fast growing platform has been transforming the way we view the world with the opportunity to post wonderful images, to an ever increasing audience of followers around the globe. When you actually consider the various social media platforms we strongly believe that probably the most effective is Instagram. it just isn’t the most accessible.

We have mastered Instagram but there has always been that one problem

At Content Genie, we have worked hard to master the hashtag, learned how to reach wider audiences and discovered how to make content relevant to the right followers. We have produced an Instagram guide for beginners, taught newbies how to use the platform and taken accounts from the hundreds to the thousands. There has always been one thing that has stumped us though…. how to schedule posts. You see with Instagram for business, you can never switch off. Sure, you can go on holiday for a week and schedule your posts across social media but Instagram has always been the one platform that requires manual intervention.

The news that businesses and marketing teams have been waiting for

One minute you are soaking up the sun on the beach, the next you are getting a notification to tell you that you have to go into Instagram to make your post live. That was until now…. Hurrah! Hootsuite have finally updated their API to allow those with Instagram business profiles to schedule posts in the future without manual intervention. Stop what you are doing and book that summer holiday and leave your phone behind!

Convert your profile to a business profile

For those of you haven’t converted your Instagram profiles to business profiles then this is the strongest reason yet to do so. While it has taken this long for businesses to be able to schedule their Instagram posts, who knows how long it will be before they extend this to personal profiles?

instagram for business

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