People don’t want to be sold to by faceless companies that promise the earth for a fraction of the cost of the competitor. They want genuine, honest, quality service and products from a brand that they can trust. This is one of the reasons that Instagram stands out for many. There is nowhere to hide when it comes to Instagram. With such a visual platform, you are able to tell your story and interact with your audience and make the most of Instagram stories for business. 

Users wants to engage with brands in a personal way!

It is a Growth Platform 

In fact, not only is it somewhere that you can see faces behind the brand, build trust with an audience and showcase everything that’s great about your business, Instagram usage has grown by 1400% in the last 5 years!!!! There is no doubt that your customers are using it and your potential customers! So, how are you going to reach them? 

Using Instagram Stories

Many businesses use the Instagram feed to post images with relevant hashtags and captions but we are going to focus our attention on Instagram Stories for business! They are a great way to interact with your customers in real time and publish content that is relatable. 

Show the Fun Side of your Brand

Stories are there for 24 hours after which time they disappear unless you add them to your highlights. This means you can experiment. If it doesn’t work, if it doesn’t look great, if you weren’t terribly happy with it don’t worry – it’s not going to be there for ever.

Creating Your Own Designs

If you want to create bespoke, branded Instagram stories, you can make professional looking posts in Canva. Using the templates or, by creating your own designs, you can get really creative and use the expanse of space to promote products, services or to tell your own story. Simply create a new design, click on ‘Instagram story’ and then search the templates or start adding your own assets.

Canva Instagram stories

But What if I Want to Keep the Story

That’s fine too because you can add it to your highlights. These icons that you see on other peoples Insta profiles are actually used to categories stories. Add the story to a category and it stays there. 

Instagram stories for business

What Can You Use Stories For…

Had a delivery and want to show off the boxes being unpacked? Add it to your story and get people engaged. Got a new product you want to tease, use the story to show people. Seen something funny that has amused you – share it to your story. Want to know what your customers think? Use stories to ask them. In fact there is so much you can do:

  • Share instant photos or videos
  • Share content from your gallery 
  • Share other peoples posts. 
  • Add questions to your content, create polls and more. 
  • Add emojis, stickers, GIFs and other animated graphics. 
  • With features like geographical location tagging, hashtags, polls, gifs, stickers, and more, growing your following encouraging brand engagement is simple.
  • Using Stickers
  • Create a yes/no poll
  • Add a hashtag sticker 
  • Countdown to an event 
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • GIF
  • @mention people
  • Questions – ask your audience a question
  • Chat – start a chat with friends from your story – responses are sent as messages
  • Music – Share your favourite songs
  • Quiz – create quizzes for people
  • Emoji slider – let people respond with how they are feeling

Make it Easy for People to Find You

Want to share your location with people or attract people interested in what you do? Features like hashtags and geotagging make it easy for users to find you based on location and interest.

A More Personal Experience

When scrolling through feed, people can like and comment on your posts and everyone can see. A story post makes it easier for people to interact one on one with you. Ask them a question and it comes through to you privately. Given this option people are far more likely to ask a question they may not want to publicly. 

When it comes to interaction, you often find people more willing to react and respond to stories than your main feed posts. 

Got a new idea for a product or service and want to see what others think? Use Stories to post a picture and add a question or poll. 

Instagram stories for business

What better (or easier way) to get feedback from the people that matter? 

Use Instagram Stories for Business to Build a Connection

Instagram and Facebook stories build a different kind of connection. Often, the audience that respond to your main posts are different to those that respond to your stories. You can be as creative as you want and really have some fun to bring your Instagram to life. Remember to use it showcase the fun side of your business as well as new products, services, surveys etc but also remember – if you ask a question or are encouraging feedback from people to respond. 

For further information on how to create Instagram stories for business, what will work best for you and how to get started, get in touch with us on 07828 669152.