Creating fresh content for clients can be tricky at times. You can share a blog, find something funny to re-post, share links to products, share photos of the team or the office… Sometimes though, you just run out of inspiration. As the proprietor of a social media agency, I found myself constantly trying to find new posts, come up with new ideas and avoiding the same old content, especially on platforms like Instagram when there are only so many pictures you can post. Then I discovered Canva. At first, it was a tool I used to change colours, add graphics and enhance posts then I found that there was so much more I could do with it. First though, I am going to share 3 simple Canva tricks to enhance your social media posts. 

Discover How Much You Can Do

After one particular session, I decided that this tool was so useful it was worth a subscription. This was when I really discovered what I could do with Canva Pro, I could create reviews in a template that worked for the client, I could take photos and spice them up by putting them into frames, adding clever effects, animating the photos and so much more. I could make videos with animations and add video content to backgrounds. The list went on…

I quickly began to realise that rather than paying a freelance graphic designer, I had everything I needed at my fingertips and what’s more it was fun. I started out using it on my phone then after a particularly satisfying session on my laptop one day I really started to find my flow and then the content just kept on coming as I discovered more and more effects, elements, shapes, frames, animations and templates. 

An Additional Service to Offer Clients

My customers loved it. Here was their very own graphic designer coming up with bespoke solutions to their content issues without it costing them anymore and for me… and it wasn’t costing me a great deal either, especially when it was saving me money on a graphic designer.

I could extoll the virtues of Canva all day long and there is far more to cover than I have time for right now so let’s start with my 3 simple Canva tips that will make the biggest difference quickly.  

3 Simple Canva Tricks

If you can, it’s really useful to open Canva on another tab so that you can practise these things as you read. If you are on your phone, you can do it on all of this on an app but the layout will be slightly different.

1. Removing the background of a logo 

How many times have you realised that the customer doesn’t actually have a transparent logo or you need a picture cut out rather than sticking a white box on a graphic? For me, it’s numerous. So, I managed to find a way to overlay the logo onto any background without losing any quality. This is one of my top simple Canva tricks. What once was a photoshop job now takes one click on a laptop. Here’s how: 

Step 1

Create new design and select the size of post you want. Create a blank post and change the desired background colour.


Step 2

Go to uploads and upload your photo then click on it to add it to the post

Step 3

Click on the photo, then click effects at the top of the screen, then click background remover