Now that’s the question in its most primal form – ‘What is the point of social media for business’? Of course it is not always put as bluntly as this but essentially I get asked this a lot. So what is the point and why should you have a social media presence for your business. Let’s look at 3 ways in which it will help your business

Increase your online brand

How do your customers find you? Do they search in Google? Perhaps they have a favoured social media network that they use where they tend to search for things. Maybe they see your name somewhere and check out your Facebook reviews. Sometimes people will ask for a recommendation and their friends will tag the name of a recommended business. The point is if you aren’t there then they won’t find you but they may find someone else.

Having a good social media presence means that if your potential customers are using Google as a way to look for you then it is not just your website that will return. Google your business – what do you see? Google your competitors and then what do you see? If you type the name of a business into the search bar you will get a list of all the sites they are active on. This may be their own website, their LinkedIn profile, their Twitter profile and their Facebook – they dominate that whole page of Google with their presence – isn’t this what you want for your business?

Grow your website traffic

Yes social media is a fantastic tool to increase traffic to your website. If you have a blog you can publish blog links to your social media pages, if you have a particular product you want to push you can post a link to the product. Not too much self -promotion though or you will end up driving away your followers. The trick is to strike the right balance of content that is educational, informative and adds value to your audience.

Gain insights about your audience

Now this isn’t something I have really discussed until recently with my customers but behind every good website is a great set of stats. Facebook’s insights offer a great tool called Insights. Insights tells you who your audience is, whether they are male or female, how old they are, where they are based and what time of day they are online. Wouldn’t you love access to this information? Well it is all there and it gives businesses so much information that allows them to segment their audiences and better tailor their content.

Do you need more convincing? How about finding out what your competitors are doing, targeting your content to a specific audience, geo-targeting your content and building relationships? The list goes on………….

If you still aren’t convinced then I would be happy to discuss it with you further. Why not drop me a line and let’s arrange some time to talk about how social media could work for your business.