If you use social media in any of its formats for personal use, the chances are there are certain things that you like, people that you interact with and things that make you stop scrolling to check out more. Whether you are someone who interacts frequently on social media or whether you are just a ‘watcher’, no doubt there are reasons that you visit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of the other social media platforms on a regular basis.

Why and how do you use social media?

It’s time to start applying your personal habits to your business page. While you may be wondering how a funny video that you and your mates have shared, or a photo of you on a recent night out, is going to work for your business page, then allow us to elaborate. Tempting as it is to bombard your Facebook business page with great pictures of your products or the latest project that you’ve completed, people don’t always want to see this. It’s fine some of the time, but in the main you have to keep it social with ‘social’ media. People don’t want to scroll through their feeds seeing reams and reams of ‘adverts’ for companies that remind them constantly about what you do. They want to be entertained, they want to be educated and they want value.

Ideas for making it personal

Let’s take Christmas as the perfect example – while it can’t be Christmas every day (anyone else humming a festive tune), it does give you the chance to add that human element to your page and to show people that you are not just another faceless company selling to them. Christmas Jumper Day is the perfect opportunity to get the team together and take an image for you to share on your pages. Show people the outside of your shop looking all festive with the lights or send them a Christmas message from the team. Introduce them to Janice the cleaner or your friendly delivery driver, get the boss wearing a funny hat and glasses or tell them about your latest charity donation. Take a picture of something funny, share a picture of a recent purchase, tell them about the office dog or about an event that you might be training for.

Why is this good for your social media pages?

As a social media management service, we are never ceased to be amazed by just how much response a ‘people’ post gets. All of a sudden you find that your post likes increase, people share the post or they comment on the photo. This is exactly what you want. The more people that interact with your post, the more of your future posts they are likely to see. In fact, a good content strategy that is well executed will give you a good mixture of the right posts at the right time to maximise on your efforts.

If you’ve read this, or even some of it, then hopefully you are now considering your next move. It doesn’t have to be the most professional photo and it doesn’t have to be staged to perfection, it just needs to be real. Try it and see what difference it makes to your Facebook page? If you need any help or advice then drop us a line. We are always happy to offer the benefit of our experience.