The web is full of reviews that can be found on the Google My Business or Facebook pages of businesses. These reviews are great for those that are carrying out research and comparing you to your competitors. They are really useful for making informed decisions about whether to buy a product or use a company’s services. But how can you make your reviews work even harder? As part of our social media management service, we always encourage our clients to showcase the 5 star reviews that highlight a particular product or service on their social media pages. What we mean by this is making posts that can be shared on your news feeds or in your Instagram feed as a visual piece. But how do you make these reviews stand out and get creative with the text and stars? We take a look at turning reviews into social media posts and give you some handy tools to help.

Choose Reviews That Answer People’s Questions

A five star review that simply states that someone had a wonderful experience with your company is lovely but does it really answer the questions of your customer. Consider what your customer might want to know:

  • What are the delivery timescales like?
  • How good is the customer service?
  • Is the product as described?
  • Would they buy again?
  • What did they think of the quality of the product and the service

While some reviews can be quite wordy, you want to pick out those that answer multiple questions where possible or take a few reviews that answer the different questions above and make posts from these. In fact, if you sell products, you can get reviews on the benefits of each product. Turning reviews into social media posts then fulfils many different purposes from answering customer queries to making great visual content.

How Much Info Will You Share

Some customer leave wonderful reviews which have taken them an age to compose. They are at least a couple of paragraphs long and go into quite a lot of detail. While you may be tempted to show the entire review, take out the key quotes and use these. Don’t worry about shortening them – you want people to see the critical parts of the info and not all of the detail.

Is There an Image?

It always looks great if you can share an image of the product – if you can include this, it will show people what product is being reviewed and make the post more visual – we will give you some examples of this below. If they are reviewing a visit from you or a visit to your business premises, you can use a more generic photo – a showroom image, an image of the work you did etc.

Make Sure to Add the Stars

You want to highlight the 5 star reviews that you have. Adding a  five star graphic to your post will make it instantly recognisable to people that are scrolling their social media feeds.

Add Your Branding

You don’t have to create an advert as such. You may want to create something that stands out and is in keeping with your brand or you may prefer to keep it more subtle and just add your logo. Whatever it is, make sure it is representative of your brand.

Getting Creative with Your Reviews

There are lots of different apps that will let you add text in a box and stick your logo in the corner however we prefer Canva these days when turning reviews into social media posts. It’s amazing how a piece of software can turn your written text into something really creative. You don’t have to have design skills (we certainly don’t) and you can get creative from your mobile. We started off using templates and then, as we got more experienced, transferred what we were learning into our designs. One of our favourite concepts is to take a photo of the product and overlay some or all of the text over the top. 

To be able to read the text, you simple adjust the transparency of the photos and then overlay the text. If you search for “5 stars” within elements, you will get presented with an array of 5 star graphics that you can also insert. Choose your font and then play around with the colour and style of the text. Bolder text will be more legible. Here are two examples of the same concept. You can see that they are both reviews, you can read what the customer wrote and you can see what the review refers to. If you carry on further down, you can also see how to create this concept.

turning reviews into social media posts

Turning Reviews into Social Media Posts Using Canva

Quite simply, we started with a blank template in Canva using the Instagram post option. The next step is to upload the photo you want to use as the background, add the text and the additional element such as the company logo and the 5 star graphic. There are lots to choose from in Canva as well as lots of different fonts and a whole host of photos to use if you don’t have your own. It really is that simple when turning reviews int social media posts that stand out and get noticed.